The core groundwork of equity is to understand the key underlying socioeconomic determinants of health that bring about unequal outcomes.

In Main Line Health's geographic area, the Lankenau Medical Center serves one of Pennsylvania's healthiest counties—Montgomery County, ranked fourth—and also the unhealthiest county, Philadelphia County. This presents big challenges to providing high-quality, equitable care to our patients.

This fundamental understanding has led to several initiatives:

  • Creation of a Center for Population Health Research
  • Leveraging the land surrounding the Lankenau Medical Center campus to create the Delema G. Deaver Wellness Farm to promote a focus on healthy food access for our patients
  • Main Line Health appointed a system director of “health equity”
  • Community Health Services was transformed to Community Health and Equity
  • A program administrator was appointed to Main Line Health's medical student advocacy program
  • A role was created for a fellow in Health Care Disparities
  • A special team was formed to address the health needs of the community's most complex and vulnerable patients
  • The establishment of our Healthcare Disparities Colloquium

  • Creation of the Medical Student Advocate Program

  • Development of an Emergency Room High Utilizer Analysis