Holistic Pain Management and Addiction Treatment

What is holistic pain management and addiction treatment?

At Mirmont Treatment Center in the western suburbs of Philadelphia we provide holistic pain management and addiction treatment, empowering clients to manage their pain without the use of addictive medications during their drug and alcohol treatment and recovery—and for a lifetime.

Our clinical pain management staff members are experts who are well-trained in holistic modalities. They meet individually with each patient to obtain a history of their injuries, get an understanding of their current medical conditions and any contributing surgeries, as well as current emotional state that may be affecting the pain experience.

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Lifelong, therapeutic practices for pain management and addiction treatment

We introduce patients to multiple holistic modalities, including:

We incorporate therapeutic approaches to pain management and addiction treatment—therapies that patients can practice and rely on for the rest of their lives.

Find out more about how complementary approaches to pain are playing an ever greater role in traditional pain management.

We incorporate therapeutic approaches to pain management and addiction treatment—therapies that patients can practice and rely on for the rest of their lives.

In addition to teaching patients holistic therapies, our pain management staff members collaborate with patients’ individual counselors around any emotional issues, stress or trauma that may be contributing to their pain. Our nurse practitioner and psychiatry staff members are also consulted to determine whether nonaddictive medications are appropriate. 

All patients are educated on resources and treatment modalities available in their communities with a focus on how to integrate these therapies into their lives and to live as pain-free as possible— without the drugs.

Holistic pain management and addiction treatment

Learn more about the holistic pain management program at Mirmont Treatment Center, part of Main Line Health.

After pain management and addiction treatment: Life without pain medication

There is a great deal of fear related to living a life without pain medication. Oftentimes patients with chronic pain become physically dependent on the medication and find themselves needing increased amounts of medicine over time to decrease their pain. But pain pills treat only the symptoms and do not get to the root cause of the pain. At Mirmont we're committed to giving patients who have lived with chronic pain and medication dependency—some for many years—all the tools, resources, support and confidence they need to live the rest of their lives with little to no pain, and completely free of drugs.

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Mirmont Treatment Center locations offer individualized treatment and rehabilitation care for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Trauma and Substance Abuse Treatment

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