The Maze procedure is a highly effective treatment for atrial fibrillation that can be done both surgically and through a modified approach. The goal of the Maze procedure is to interrupt the electrical impulses that are responsible for the chaotic rhythm of atrial fibrillation and create a new pathway, or maze, through which electrical impulses travel. This restores normal heart rhythm and prevents arrhythmia-associated complications.

During the open procedure, Lankenau’s cardiac surgeons make incisions in both the right and left atria of the heart. When the incision heals, scar tissue forms and prevents electrical impulses from passing through the heart. During the modified approach, a catheter is inserted through a small incision outside the heart. Instead of making surgical incisions, a radiofrequency device or cryo technology is used to create the lesions on the atria.

Lankenau offers the Maze procedure on its own or as part of a “hybrid” procedure where valve surgery or coronary artery bypass surgery are performed at the same time.

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