Image Guided Sinus Surgery

What is image guided endoscopic sinus surgery?

Image guided endoscopic sinus surgery provides a safer, more efficient approach to procedures that are in close proximity to the eyes, brain and major arteries. During these surgeries, a fiber optic tube is inserted into the sinuses to provide the surgeon with real-time information about the exact position of surgical instruments using infrared signals.

This type of sinus surgery may be recommended for patients with severe forms of chronic sinusitis, in cases when a previous sinus surgery has altered a patient's anatomical landmarks, or where the anatomy of a patient's sinus would make typical surgery difficult.

Image guidance technology provides surgeons with a near-3D mapping system combing computed tomography (CT) scans and infrared signals which provide information about the exact position of surgical instruments. This aids surgeons in navigating their instruments through potentially complex sinus passages to provide patients with surgical precise surgical relief.


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