Monoclonal antibody treatment

SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibodies (SMA) have been approved by the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for high-risk outpatients with symptomatic COVID-19 infection. There are 2 monoclonal antibody treatments available.

These medications are administrated via infusion and subcutaneously. The patient could receive one or the other depending on what medication is delivered and available on-site the day of treatment.

EUA fact sheets for healthcare providers

EUA fact sheets for patients, parents and caregivers

Please review the emergency use authorization (EUA) with the patient to confirm the patient wants the therapy prior to patient submission:

Please use the Life Sustaining Business List to confirm if patient is classified as an "essential worker."

Referral process

Referrals are provider based. Patients cannot refer themselves to this program to receive a medication.

  • Providers: Please inform patient of a positive test result and verify they are interested in receiving monoclonal antibody therapy prior to referring them for treatment.
  • Eligible patients will be contacted within 2 business days of referral and encouraged to contact their primary provider to notify them of their treatment schedule.
  • When necessary, patients will be allocated the medications via weighted lottery based on patient eligibility and availability of the medication and infusion resources.

*We accept rapid Covid-19 tests validated by a document/lab report. We do not accept “home testing." If a test is not provided, it will delay triage of the patient and treatment scheduling.

Treatment request forms

Please download and print the relevant document to register the patient and fax to the number provided on the document. Please print and complete the document in its entirety in order to ensure the patient's information is able to be transcribed.

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Main Line Health is utilizing MyChart patient portal to schedule vaccinations for eligible patients. If you are a Main Line Health patient and do not have a MyChart account, we invite you to register.

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