COVID testing

Currently, the CDC only recommends diagnostic testing of patients who have a fever or are symptomatic and have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.


Patient appointments and care during COVID

Your continued health is as important as ever. We remind you to take action in seeking care when needed as delaying can lead to critical health issues. Our hospitals, emergency departments and urgent care centers remain open and ready to serve you with virtual care appointments available for non-urgent issues.

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Prevention is still the best cure for COVID—and COVID vaccination decreases your likelihood of contracting the virus. It also helps minimize your ability to spread the virus to others and for others who are vaccinated to spread it to you.

In “breakthrough cases” in which people are vaccinated still get infected with COVID, being vaccinated decreases the likelihood of severe symptoms and lowers your risk of being admitted to the hospital.

Post-COVID Recovery Program

Many COVID-19 survivors continue to face physical, cognitive or mental health issues, well past testing positive for the disease. The effects of COVID-19 can last for weeks or months. To address the complex needs of these patients, Main Line Health offers personalized, multidisciplinary care for the recovery of patients post-COVID-19.

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