Military leadership translates to nursing leadership at Paoli Hospital

For nearly 20 years Henry Abraham has worked as a clinician in trauma care. His career began in The United States Air Force as a medical technician, progressed to nursing at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and ultimately Main Line Health where he currently works in the emergency department at Paoli Hospital. Abraham has always thrived in the critical care environment, and values the opportunity to care for the critically ill. “You learn how to tie everything together…It really heightens your awareness,” he states of caring for the trauma patient.

Captain Abraham brings Air Force medical training to hospital trauma care along with knowledge of medical logistics

In 1994, Abraham enlisted in the Air Force as an active duty medical technician, and so began his love of the trauma field. His passion for his career and desire to grow himself professionally lead him to nursing school, and a continued life-long career in the trauma setting. In addition to his role as an emergency department nurse, Abraham recently joined the Air Force Reserve as a commissioned officer and flight nurse. He remains active in the reserves where he has been recognized for his significant contribution to medical logistics. Abraham applies his deep understanding of these processes in the military to his role in overseeing the set-up and supplies of the trauma bays at Paoli Hospital.

Leadership skills are another factor that influence his work on a daily basis. “In the military we’re constantly learning about leadership and teamwork. Without trust and teamwork in the military it’s a disaster,” says Abraham. The same goes for the emergency department where the stakes are also high. The role of officer in the military has grown his people skills, exposed him to motivation tactics, and showed him the value of acknowledging the importance of your team. These experiences have contributed to making him an instrumental part of the Paoli Hospital Emergency Department team.

Why veteran employment at Main Line Health?

Working full time at Main Line Health, fulfilling his duties in the Air Force Reserve, and being a husband and father can present challenges. Abraham truly appreciates the continued flexibility and support he receives from Paoli Hospital to make his dream possible. His role as a flight nurse requires him to fly once every 90 days, attend drill weekends, and occasionally attend multi-week commitments throughout the year. “Paoli has been very supportive of my military participation, and has given me the time I need on short notice,” he says.

In addition to individual support, Main Line Health honors veterans throughout the year on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day. During Veterans Week in November, veterans from the community are also invited to participate in résumé-building workshops at various Main Line Health locations.

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