Your military service matters at Main Line Health

At Main Line Health we are proud to be among the Philadelphia companies hiring military and veterans and we are committed to recruiting and developing veteran talent. We appreciate the value of your time spent in the military, and we understand that your skills and experience translate in numerous ways into jobs that require leadership, integrity, and an ability to work collaboratively toward a common goal.

In health care in particular, there are meaningful opportunities for Military and Veterans to connect with our community and make a difference every day. As a mission-driven organization, Main Line Health prides itself on being a good home for veterans who understand what it’s like to work for the greater good of all. Join our team and continue serving your country by serving your community. 

Outside of our organization we participate in job fairs for veterans, connecting with people who have served our country and are transitioning to civilian life or are simply looking for new job opportunities.

We continue to look for ways to recognize our veteran employees and to make Main Line Health an even better place for veterans to work. To see what opportunities we have available at this time, browse our current career opportunities.

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Hearing from our Heroes

We are proud to showcase the talents and diverse experience of our former military employees. Here you’ll find stories and inspiration from vets who are employed at Main Line Health, finding more than a place to work but an environment that matches the expectations they valued in military service—an environment of trust, integrity, respect and collaboration.

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