Applying for a job at Main Line Health

Getting hired at Main Line Health begins with an application. Use the Find a Job button below to search through our featured jobs and submit your application.

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The hiring process: What to expect

When application is complete:

  1. You will receive a confirmation that it has been submitted.
  2. Assigned recruiters will then match qualified candidates for each position, to be reviewed by our hiring managers. Please keep in mind this process could take several days to several weeks, depending on applicant volume.
  3. Continue to check your email and profile to see updates on your application status. If you are a selected qualified candidate for the position, a recruiter will reach out to you for a scheduled phone screen to further discuss your experience and details of the position.
  4. Upon further review from the hiring manager, an in-person or panel interview may be scheduled.

After the interview: What's next?

During the interview process, you will be following up with the recruiter on next steps and a potential second interview, depending on the position. Once interviews are complete, the recruiter will inform you of a decision and next steps in the process. If you are selected and offered the position, your recruiter will discuss next steps in the on-boarding process.

Making the decision: Accepting a job at Main Line Health

Once the interview process is complete, references and background checks will be reviewed. The decision from the hiring manager will be communicated to candidates through the recruiter. Should you be selected for the position, the recruiter will give you a verbal offer. If you accept, the recruiter will then discuss your start date, training/orientation, benefits and on-boarding requirements such as pre-employment health requirements and fingerprint clearances along with your official offer letter.

New Employee Orientation (NEO)

Your first day at Main Line Health will include a systemwide New Employee Orientation. You will join other new hires in an all-day program, which introduces you to your new organization.

Our NEO program consists of an introduction to the system as well as important information to help you understand your role and the benefits of being part of Main Line Health. There is also an opportunity to ask questions and to interact with and meet new colleagues from across the system. Overall, this comprehensive program will help you integrate into Main Line Health quickly. We look forward to seeing you at Day One!

On-Boarding for Your New Job at Main Line Health

Our on-boarding process properly introduces new team members to Main Line Health’s people, programs and culture, and it is significant to our organization. Main Line Health has assembled and consolidated best practices from internal and external sources to create a powerful collection of on-boarding tools for employees and their managers.

The on-boarding tools contain helpful tips, training resources, and on-boarding plans for all levels of the organization. They serve as a guide to help you become familiar with your new working environment and assist you in navigating around Main Line Health during your first 90 days and beyond.

Find a Job at Main Line Health