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WATCH: What is the microbiome?

Lankenau Medical Center October 10, 2018 Medical Research

The trillions of microbes that call you their home can determine your overall digestive health, metabolism, immunity strength and much more.

During a recent Facebook Live chat, George Prendergast, PhD, president and CEO of the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, part of Main Line Health, defined what is the microbiome and explained how it impacts one’s health. Dr. Prendergast answered questions including:

  • How do microbes in the gut help or hinder digestion?
  • How do microbes impact metabolism?
  • Does improving the microbiome reduce an individual’s risk of developing cancer?
  • What steps would you recommend people take to improve their microbiome so they have a greater number of good microbes?

Check out Dr. Prendergast’s answers to these questions and more.