Lauren's pregnancy story: Managing postpartum hypertension

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Shortly after her first pregnancy, Lauren Sharkey was hospitalized with severe postpartum hypertension, also known as high blood pressure that, if not properly managed, could lead to heart attack or stroke. Thankfully, under the care of Kate Hawthorne, MD, a non-invasive cardiologist with Lankenau Heart Institute, Lauren was able to make a full recovery. When she became pregnant with her second child, Lauren knew she was in good hands. Dr. Hawthorne used her medical expertise and advanced imaging skills to tailor a personalized care plan to manage Lauren throughout her pregnancy. She avoided hospitalization after giving birth this time around.

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Lankenau Heart Institute, part of Main Line Health, offers subspecialized care through its cardio-obstetrics program which provides care for obstetrics patients who may have underlying cardiovascular disease. By identifying these women early, physicians are able to prevent further cardiovascular disease and manage them throughout their lives.

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