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Choosing an OB/GYN

Bryn Mawr Hospital February 27, 2014 General Wellness
For women in the market for a new OB/GYN, it’s easy to take the first available appointment you find or take a recommendation from friends or family. But just like choosing any other doctor, finding an OB/GYN that fits your health needs is important.“Finding an OB/GYN is not a one-size-fits-all process. Just because a doctor is right for your neighbor or your sister doesn’t mean they’re right for you,” says Catherine Bernardini, DO, OB/GYN at Bryn Mawr Hospital. “There are a few questions about personal preference you have to ask yourself before you can choose the best option.”

The first step in finding a doctor is making knowing your insurance and physicians in your area who will accept it. Most insurance companies can provide you with a catalog of doctors covered by your policy. This will help you narrow down the list, even if only slightly. They should also be affiliated with your preferred hospital. If you want to give birth or be cared for only at a specific hospital, make sure your OB/GYN can practice there.

Beyond practical considerations like these, ask yourself questions about your preference for an OB/GYN. Do you want a male or female doctor? Where should the office be? Close to work, close to home, or somewhere in the middle? Are you looking for a large practice with multiple physicians or a sole practitioner? Questions like these should all have an impact on your decision.

Finally, once you’ve found a physician or practice you might be interested in, schedule an interview.

“Look for an OB/GYN who will allow you to schedule new patient interviews. This is beneficial for both the patient and the physician, and you’ll know if your communication style and care preferences are aligned. You have to feel comfortable having an open dialogue with this person,” says Dr. Bernardini.

To schedule an appointment with an obstetrics and gynecology physician at Main Line Health, call 1.866.CALL.MLH (1.866.225.5654) or use our secure online appointment request form.