Bringing Baby Home


It's time to head back home with a whole new life to celebrate, love and enjoy! We're here to help you have a successful transition, ensuring a smooth checkout and providing the resources to support healthy parenting and continued well-being for you and your newborn.

Do you offer home visits after the baby is born?

If your insurance plan covers well-mom/well-baby visits, a home care nurse will visit you in the hospital when you are being discharged to discuss this option with you.

If your baby is jaundiced (hyperbilirubinemia) and needs blood draws or home phototherapy per physician's orders, a home care nurse will visit and care for your baby at home. You may also receive home care if your baby was born prematurely and is stable (i.e., if your baby can suck, swallow, and is gaining weight on his/her own.)

What kind of postpartum support do you have for women who've had a C-section?

As part of our home care services, we provide wound care and teach wound care techniques to women who have had a C-section. Our home care services include wound care management if there have been complications with healing.

Whom can I contact with questions?

As you transition back home, your physicians are available to help you heal as well as support you in caring for your baby. For your own personal care, you are encouraged to follow up with your obstetrical care provider. For your baby's health, your pediatrician will answer questions and address concerns as your baby develops.

What if I haven't selected a pediatrician yet?

In case you have not made a choice by the time your baby is born, a pediatrician will be assigned to your baby's care. You may continue care with this pediatrician or choose another doctor after discharge, but starting and continuing with the doctor you have selected provides the greatest continuity of care.

With more than 100 pediatricians and pediatric specialists caring for newborns to teens and working in collaboration with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to bring specialized pediatric care services to the area, our talented health care team has the knowledge and experience to treat the most common to the most complicated childhood ailments and conditions.

To find a pediatrician, call 1.866.CALL.MLH (225.5654) or visit

When should I schedule our first pediatrician appointment?

Your baby will be seen by a pediatrician while in the hospital. If you and your baby are discharged in one to two days, it's important that you schedule a follow-up visit right away and have your baby seen within two days of discharge from the hospital. If you and your baby are discharged on day three or four, the follow-up visit should be within two to three days after that. If you have any difficulty scheduling the appointment within this time-frame, make sure that the pediatrician caring for your baby in the hospital is aware of your particular circumstance.

Early follow-up is very important to prevent severe jaundice, to check on the adequacy of breastfeeding, and to look out for other problems that can develop in the first days after you leave the hospital. Main Line Health pediatricians are very familiar with these issues and work closely with the neonatologists and pediatric hospitalists in case there is a problem that requires readmission to the hospital.

Pediatric emergency services

CHOP and Bryn Mawr Hospital staff understand that emergency treatment and admission to the hospital can be frightening for children and parents. When your child needs to go to the Emergency Department (ED), you want to know they'll receive outstanding, timely care delivered by a skilled clinical team. CHOP providers are available 24/7 in the Bryn Mawr Hospital ED to provide consultation, and are the primary attending physicians in the ED for pediatric patients.

No matter what emergency care your child needs, our team will work together to ensure the best care for your child and support for your family.

We encourage parents to communicate openly with staff, be involved in your child's care and tell us how we can best meet your physical and emotional needs.

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