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A family legacy at Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr Hospital October 19, 2018 Inside Main Line Health

Michele Radaszewski

Manager of the Bariatric Center
39 years at Bryn Mawr Hospital

Michele Radaszewski was born at Bryn Mawr Hospital in 1970 and is now the manager of the Bariatric Center. Her family history at Bryn Mawr began in the early 1950s when her mother, Dorothy Mantanari Iannotta graduated from the Bryn Mawr Hospital nursing school in 1951. In fact, she was a member of the last class to live in the Gerhard building before the nursing school moved to the Clothier House. She worked full-time as a nurse until 1958, eventually becoming nurse manager. She was married to Joseph Iannotta, owner of Ciro Iannotta and Son, a shoe repair shop across the street from the hospital on Glenbrook Avenue. Joseph’s dad opened the store in 1920 and after taking over for his dad, Joe worked there until his retirement in 2016. As a member of the community and working in the same shop for 65 years, he had a wonderful connection with the hospital. Everyone knew him and called him “the shoemaker.” Joe and Dorothy had three children together. Their two sons, as well as their daughter, Michele, were all born at Bryn Mawr. In 1968 Dorothy returned to work at the hospital part time before her retirement in 1969.

As a teenager, Michele worked as a candy striper at Bryn Mawr Hospital and eventually graduated from Bryn Mawr nursing school in 1982. Two of her sons were born at Bryn Mawr, Nick in 1992, who has since volunteered for the hospital, and Luke in 2000. Michele’s brother Frances also had a daughter born at Bryn Mawr in 2012. Michele says she is proud to have graduated from the same nursing school and work in the same place as her mom and be able to continue her family legacy. As her place of work for 39 years as well as her birthplace, Michele has always felt as though the Bryn Mawr Hospital is where she is meant to be.