At Main Line Health, we prioritize the goals of eliminating harm, focusing on population health and eliminating disparities in care. Our strategic plan guides all Diversity, Respect, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, and we work hard to become your wellness partner of choice.

Community health needs assessment

One foundation of the Main Line Health strategic plan is our community health needs assessment, which Main Line Health, like most other nonprofit healthcare organizations, must complete every three years.

The community health needs assessment identifies the critical health needs of the communities we serve. The information, when appropriately analyzed, informs our system of significant opportunities to improve the health status and health equity of our communities.

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Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Equitable and Patient-Centered (STEEEP)

If the community health needs assessment is seen as a fundamental tool in assessing needs, the Academy of Medicine’s STEEEP (Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Equitable and Patient-Centered) domains is seen as the fundamental process by which care is delivered and metric by which it is assessed.

The STEEEP mantra is well recognized and widely referenced by all—from the executive team to the frontline staff. The STEEEP domains are the categories through which we share data and drive our physicians, providers, partners and staff to deliver on the tenets of our strategic plan.

On the evidence-based foundation of the community health needs assessment and the quality-focused process of STEEEP, our system leadership has developed, disseminated and demanded an overlay of DREI. The community health needs assessment data analysis, the STEEEP process and the DREI culture may then be seen as a Venn diagram that represents and actualizes Main Line Health's mission, vision and values.

Main Line Health Performance Excellence 2023

Embedded in this work are the frameworks for Main Line Health Quality and Patient Safety and Performance Excellence (PE). The PE framework serves as the uniting force—the nucleus—of all our efforts, connecting and informing performance improvement projects through system-wide standards and metrics.

The operation committees measure progress toward goals through our STEEEP domains with regular organizational performance reviews, with the aim of delivering a STEEEP experience every time, everywhere and for everyone across Main Line Health.

Performance Excellence is focused on four critical goals or pathways to excellence:

  • Eliminating harm
  • Top decile performance
  • Eliminating disparities in care
  • Achieving affordability

DREI Steer

A system-wide, interprofessional steering committee was created with specific workgroups:


  • Information Technology, Finance, Communications

Internal and external relationships

  • Business/Vendor Relationships, Education, Talent Management and Community

Disparities in care

  • The Eliminating Disparities: Health Equity in Action Workgroup focuses its time on patient care, metrics and evidence that identifies opportunities for improvement in health equity
  • Additionally, each of the 11 Main Line Health entities has a Diversity Council with specific charters regarding work, activities, education and events that are shared with the entire health system