Extended Outpatient Care

For testing, treatments and services not available at doctor’s office or urgent care

At our extended outpatient care facility in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, board-certified Main Line Health doctors and nurses offer services not readily available in doctors’ offices or the urgent care setting, but which don’t require a hospital stay or ER visit.

Extended outpatient care is also helpful if you need:

  • Follow-up by a doctor after being treated in the ER or hospital, but your doctor is not available or you do not have a doctor
  • Medical care over a few days to avoid a worsening illness that may require a hospital stay

The types of services offered include clinical evaluation, testing and monitoring:

  • Hemoglobin / hematocrit (red blood cell count, part of complete blood count)
  • PT/INR (blood clot and blood-thinning medication monitoring)
  • Plain-film X-ray*
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) and telemetry
  • Urinalysis

* CT and MRI not available

We also provide medical treatment and monitoring:

  • IV fluid therapy
  • IV medical therapy
  • Nebulizer therapy
  • Oxygen therapy

Our providers have access to all of your medical information and have instructions for your care during your visit with us. We are on the same care team as your doctor and we will provide the medical treatments and services you need until you can return to the care of your doctor.

Our extended outpatient hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the year.

Extended outpatient care appointments

Your doctor will let us know you are being referred to Main Line Health Extended Outpatient Care. Then, either your doctor will arrange for your visit or we will contact you the next morning to make an appointment.

After you arrive, you will meet our care team, which includes a doctor and a nurse. Our team will review your care plan and discuss tests, treatments, or other services you need. We also will review your medicines and answer any questions you have. During the rest of your visit, our team will carry out tests or treatments you need, monitor your condition, educate you about any new medicines you need to take, and repeat tests as needed. When your visit is done, we will let you know if you need to return the next day. After your visit, we will send a report to your doctor.

You will receive care in a private treatment space with a recliner for you and an extra chair for another person. Our facility provides free Wi-Fi and plenty of free parking.

Patients must provide their own transportation to and from Main Line Health Extended Outpatient Care.

Be sure to bring with you any medicines you are currently taking. Also, while we do have food available, you may want to pack your own food if you have dietary restrictions or preferences. Your visit may last a few hours. If a caregiver or family member is involved in your medical care, we encourage you to bring that person along to learn about any new medicines you are taking, ask questions, and get instructions for your ongoing care.