At Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR) we have a unique mix of knowledge-based academic culture with invention-based entrepreneurialism, which we call an ACAPRENEURIAL™ strategy. To date, more than 15 biomedical start-up companies have incubated in LIMR side-by-side with our research laboratories. We license out our intellectual property and spin out companies to develop those technologies.

LIMR also provides space and resources to early-stage companies whose biomedical products align with LIMR’s expertise. We direct our research activities toward practical inventions that can lead to commercially viable clinical innovations.

Our ACAPRENEURIAL™ model is more effective for medical impact, because bench-to-bedside discovery relies on biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to finance expensive clinical trials and FDA-approval processes for new medical tests, tools or drugs. Because there is an increased demand for bioscience to yield health care return on investment, LIMR’s organization drives commercialization of our laboratory discoveries, generates new collaborations, and helps our researchers more rapidly and directly impact patient treatment and care.

Download the LIMR inventions and discoveries booklet (PDF)