Wallon, Maggie

U. Margaretha Wallon, PHD

Resident Faculty
Assistant Professor

Dr. Wallon is spearheading translational research in oncology—that is, “bench to bedside” research, developing tests that can predict disease outcomes, as well as chemotherapy and anesthesia’s side effects, and thus improve patients’ life expectancy and quality of life. Her research interests include: breast cancer formation and progression, triple-negative breast cancer prognosis and treatment. the role of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-4 (TIMP-4) in cancer, development of targeted therapeutics for breast cancer and quality of life for patients with cancer.

  • 2006–Present: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sidney Kimmel College of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia
  • 2007–Present: Adjunct Assistant Professor, St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia
  • 2015–Present: Assistant Professor, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research