Name Position Phone Office
Prendergast, George C., PhD
President and CEO 484.476.8144 L48
DeStefano, Erin
Executive Assistant 484.476.8144 L44

Resident Faculty

Name Position Phone Office
Antzelevitch, Charles, PhD
Professor 484.476.8134 G36
Cox, Robert, PhD
Professor 484.476.2705 R127
Dessain, Scott, MD, PhD
Professor 484.476.6516 R227
Gilman, Paul, MD
Professor 484.476.2494 L41
Gilmour, Susan, PhD
Professor and Deputy Director 484.476.8429 R131
Heber-Katz, Ellen, PhD
Professor 484.476.6517 R132
Kowey, Peter R., MD
Professor 484.476.2684 MOB-E356
Laury-Kleintop, Lisa, PhD
Associate Professor 484.476.2784 R232
Mandik-Nayak, Laura, PhD
Associate Professor 484.476.8427 R130
Muller, Alexander, PhD
Associate Professor 484.476.8034 R233
Mullin, James, PhD
Professor 484.476.2703 R229
Prendergast, George, PhD
Professor, President and CEO 484.476.8144 L48
Sawicki, Janet, PhD
Professor 484.476.3123 R134
Stamato, Thomas D., PhD
Professor Emeritus 484.476.2888 R234
Wallon, U. Margaretha, PhD
Assistant Professor 484.476.6732 R228
Yan, Gan-Xin, MD, PhD
Professor 484.476.2687 R230

Center for Clinical Cancer Research

Name Position Phone Office
Crown, Michael
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator 484.476.2388 G39
DeNittis, Albert, MD
Clinical Associate Professor 484.476.2433
Fanelli, Judith, RN, CCRP
Clinical Research Nurse 484.565.1619
Gilman, Paul, MD
Professor and Director 484.476.2494 L41
Leake, Dannel
Clinical Research Nurse 484.476.8513 G39
Lyon, Sandra, RN, OCN
Clinical Research Nurse 484.476.3494 G39
Matson, Lorie
Oncology Program Manager, Riddle 484.227.4480
Olshefski, Theresa
Regulatory Coordinator 484.476.3440 G39
Palmer, Trish, RN, OCN, CCRP
Clinical Research Nurse 484.565.1619
Steinberg, Sharon, RN, OCN
Clinical Research Nurse 484.476.2395 G39
Sudomoin, Marissa, RN, BSN
Clinical Research Nurse 484.337.3852
Turzo, Elene, MSN, CRNP
Manager, Clinical Cancer Research 484.476.2649 G35

Center for Clinical Cardiology

Name Position Phone Office
Britton, Nancy, RN, BSN, MHA
Clinical Research Nurse 484.476.8578 G43
Chikowski, Ann Marie, RN, BSN, CCRC
Division Manager, Cardiology Research 484.476.8579 G35
Goldschmidt, Sandra, RN, BSN
Regulatory Specialist 484.476.8524 G43
Herring, Susan, RN, BSN, MEd
Clinical Research Nurse 484.476.8514 G43
Jordan, Jennifer, RN, MSN
Clinical Research Nurse 484.476.8580
Roberts, Doris
Clinical Research Assistant 484.476.8859 G43
Scharadin, Tyler
Research Assistant 484.476.8552 G43
Sher, Lynn, MBA
Clinical Research Coordinator 484.476.8581 G43
Thome, Lisa, MS, CCRC
Clinical Research Coordinator 484.476.8570 G43
Welch, Mary
Clinical Research Assistant 484.476.8856 G43

Clinical Research Center

Name Position Phone Office
Gilman, Paul, MD
Professor and Director 484.476.2494 L41
Wellenbach, John
Clinical Business Manager 484.476.3545 R129A


Name Position Phone Office
Loyle, Donna, MS
Communications Specialist, LIMR 484.476.8425 R122


Name Position Phone Office
Alyanakian, Sandy
Editorial/Administrative Assistant 484.476.8423 L30
Ciavarelli, Kathleen E.
Editorial Supervisor 484.476.8426 L30


Name Position Phone Office
Brill, Linda K.
Controller 484.476.2760 L44A
Evariste, Mirlande
Senior Grants Accountant 484.476.8438 L30
Li, Han
Accountant 484.476.6026 L30
Nguyen, Tam Mai, MBA
Director, Finance 484.476.2755 L40
Siddell, Donna M.
Accountant 484.476.3423 L30
Snyder, Paula
Purchasing Agent 484.476.2701
Wynne, Jennifer
Accounting Assistant 484.476.2757 L30

LIMR Chemical Genomics Center

Name Position Phone Office
Donover, Preston S.
Research Lab Associate 484.476.2540 R031
Reichman, Melvin, PhD
Director, LCGC 484.476.8230 R142

Main Line Health Center for Population Health Research at LIMR

Name Position Phone Office
Beaupre, Justin, EdD, MPH
Postdoctoral fellow
Bogaczyk, Tyler
Research Assistant
Buckley, Meghan, MS
Biostatistician 484.476.3912 R115
Jones, Megan
Administrative Assistant 484.476.4625 R115
Larson, Sharon L., PhD
Executive Director, CPHR 484.476.3914 R112
McAnany, Brian, MPH
Research Assistant 484.476.3915 R115
Tiko-Okoye, Chidinma, MD, MPH
Postdoctoral fellow

Office of Research Protections

Name Position Phone Office
Dudley, Alia J.
Analyst 610.225.6222
Hobson, Anne Marie, BSN, JD
Director, Regulatory Affairs 484.476.2692

Research Annex

Name Position Phone Office
Connell, Vaughn L.
Assistant Animal Care Technician 484.476.2007 Annex
Epps, Nadja
Lab Animal Assistant Technician 484.476.2007 Annex
Laughlin, John F.
Supervisor, Research Annex 484.476.2007 Annex

Scientific Staff

Name Position Phone Office
Alexander, Eric, PhD
Research Assistant Professor 484.476.8253 R131
Al-Saleem, Fetweh, DVM
Research Assistant Professor 484.476.2671 R227
Aslanukov, Azamat
Research Assistant Professor 484.476.2808 R132
Barajas-Martinez, Hector, PhD, FHRS
Research Scientist/Consultant 484.476.6515 R234
Bedalbaeva, Kamila
Research Assistant Professor 484.476.2808 R132
Bollinger, Sam
Laboratory Aide 484.476.2808 R132
Burashnikov, Alexander, PhD, FHRS
Research Associate Professor 484.476.3469 R127
Clatot, Jerome, PhD
Research Assistant Professor 484.476.6515 R234
Dey, Souvik, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow II 484.476.2768 R233
Di Diego, Jose M., MD
Research Associate Professor 484.476.2621 R127
Donnelly, Julia
Biomedical Research Assistant 484.476.8253 R131
DuHadaway, James
Research Lab Associate 484.476.8476 R231
Kattala, Chandana Devi
Biomedical Research Assistant 484.476.2671 R227
Kennedy, John
Laboratory Aide 484.476.8183 R228
Klein, Jonah, MD
Surgical Resident 484.476.2000 R228
Liu, Tengxin
Research Lab Associate 484.476.2688 R230
Manley, Kaylend
Biomedical Research Assistant 484.476.6736 R232
Mariner, Kelsey
Biomedical Research Assistant 484.476.8253 R131
Merlo, Lauren, PhD
Research Assistant Professor 484.476.4662 R130
Montgomery, James
Biomedical Research Assistant 484.476.4662 R130
Peng, Weidan, PhD
Research Assistant Professor 484.476.3122 R134
Perry, Ian, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow I 484.476.8253 R131
Puligedda, Rama Devudu
Biomedical Research Assistant 484.476.2671 R227
Scimeca, Liz
Biomedical Research Assistant 484.476.2708 R229
Sedano, Summer
Biomedical Research Assistant 484.476.6736 R232
Sharma, Rashmi, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow 484.476.2671 R227
Sicouri, Serge
Director, Cardiac Surgery Research 484.476.6515 R215
Sutanto-Ward, Erika
Biomedical Research Assistant 484.476.2768 R233
Thomas, Sunil, PhD
Research Assistant Professor 484.476.2768 R233
Valenzano, Carmen
Research Lab Associate 484.476.2708 R229
Zebrowitz, Elan
Laboratory Aide 484.476.2808 R132

Support Staff

Name Position Phone Office
Gilliard, Gwendolyn
Research Institute Assistant 484.476.2655 R040
Jonik, Ann
Receiving Clerk/Glasswash Technician 484.476.2702 R039
Megosh, Louis
Scientific Operations Manager 484.476.2006 R040