Advanced technology at Riddle Hospital

We are thrilled that a second surgical robot has recently arrived at Riddle Hospital! The first da Vinci Xi® surgical robot has been in steady use at Riddle since 2018, and the second da Vinci Xi® surgical robot, purchased with endowment funds from The Riddle HealthCare Foundation, is the newest, 4th generation robot that will be heavily utilized by surgeons performing delicate and complex operations through a few small incisions with robotic assisted surgery.

Robotic surgery uses a highly advanced approach where physicians perform minimally invasive surgery with an advanced set of instruments that are their "arms and hands." Robotic-assisted surgery benefits patient outcomes with more efficient procedures, quicker recovery and less complications over traditional surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery is mainly used for general, cardiac, thoracic, prostate, colorectal and gynecologic surgical procedures.

The newest robot has two operating consoles (vs. the da Vinci Xi® that has one console) so that two surgeons within different specialties can operate simultaneously. The new Xi can be used for more complex procedures as it allows more access into certain body areas and offers 3D, HD and 10x magnification. The second console will assist in teaching residents, fellows and students.

Offering advanced technology at Riddle such as robotic surgery has additional advantages including improving healthcare outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction, and attracting and retaining talented physicians.

Pictured with the new robot are colorectal surgeon Dr. Sumedh Kakade and urologic oncologist Dr. David Cahn. Drs. Kakade and Cahn are just two of Riddle's experienced robotic surgeons who are looking forward to collaboratively using the dual consoles for operational and educational purposes to benefit our patients.

Man O' War event raises nearly $240,000 for Riddle Hospital expansion

The recently held Man O' War – A Virtual Evening at the Races event raised $239,550 to benefit Riddle Hospital's Patient Pavilion and campus transformation.

On Thursday May 5th 2022 we hosted Man O' War – A Virtual Evening at the Races, benefiting Riddle Hospital's Patient Pavilion & Campus Transformation with a salute to our very own Health Care Heroes.

A special Thank You to our Event Sponsors.

Man O'War – An Evening at the Races - 2022 Honorees

  • Stephen S. Aichele, Esq.
  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Balderston
  • George W. Gephart, Jr.
  • Howard B. Stoeckel

Man O' War – An Evening at the Races Program

Hosted by

Shelly Buck, DNP, MBA
President, Riddle Hospital

Jack Lynch, FACHE
President & CEO, Main Line Health

Additional Contributors

  • Dr. David Cahn
  • Brittnee Crawford, BSN, RN, CEN
  • Bill Gallagher
  • Louise Hummel, MSN, RN, GERO-BC, CEN, NE-BC
  • Donna Meehan, MSN, RN
  • Dr. John C. Munshower
  • Natalie D. Ramsey, Esq.
  • Abby L. Sacunas, Esq.
  • Dr. Lina M. Sizer, FACS
  • Eugene "Pidgey" Smith, Jr.
  • NyAsia White, BSN, RNC-OB
  • Dr. Brian S. Wojciechowski
  • Fred Wood
  • Richard D. Wood, III
  • Dr. Sean A. Wright
  • Dr. Jie Xu

Special Thanks

  • Penncrest High School Choir
  • Tyler Arboretum
  • Fred Wood

Crown Sponsors

  • ICONA Resorts - Mahalo Diamond Beach
  • The Henderson Group
  • Main Line Health

Win Sponsors

  • P. Agnes, Inc.
  • Wawa, Inc.

Place Sponsors

  • Robinson+Cole
  • Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
  • David A. Thomas, DO
  • Dr. and Mrs. Hassan C. Vakil

Show Sponsors

  • Stephen and Carol Aichele
  • Betsy and Tom Balderston
  • Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia
  • Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gephart Jr.
  • Jack and Deb Lynch
  • Martha I. Macartney, Esq.
  • Riddle Hospital Medical Staff
  • Riddle Village
  • Rothman Orthopaedic Institute
  • Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Stoeckel
  • United Anesthesia Services, P.C.
  • Fred Wood

Race Sponsors

  • Aramark
  • Dr. E. Loren Buhle, Jr. and Mrs. Alycia Mallon-Buhle
  • The Foundation for Delaware County
  • Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
  • Infectious Disease Medical Associates
  • JeffSTAT

Horse Sponsors

  • Associated Auxiliaries of Riddle Hospital
  • Associates in Plastic Surgery
  • Betsy Balderston
  • Dr. Edward Bedrossian
  • Cynthia DeFidelto
  • Lisa Detwiler
  • Mary Jo and Gary Grove
  • The Henderson Group
  • ICONA Resorts
  • Main Line Health
  • MLH - Senior Services Team
  • Monroe Energy, LLC
  • Dr. John C. Munshower
  • Theresa Murtagh
  • Dr. and Mrs. Guy Nardella
  • Bill O'Shea
  • P. Agnes, Inc.
  • Gary Perecko
  • Riker Opportunity Institute
  • Robinson+Cole
  • Dr. and Mrs. Hassan C. Vakil
  • VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists
  • Jim and Sue Walsh
  • Wawa, Inc.

Tribute Book Ads

  • Elwyn Inc.
  • Cozen O'Connor - David Hackett
  • Patricia B. and Gary M. Holloway
  • Kemberton - Don Saleski


  • Katie Beddis
  • Linda H. Ciavarelli, DPM
  • Mrs. Marilyn L. Derby
  • Brian Duke
  • Dan & Jennifer Green
  • Infectious Disease Medical Associates
  • Don Klingen
  • Jennifer Lally
  • Amy Mansky
  • Susan Markert
  • Robinson+Cole
  • Sherry's Tickettown
  • David Showalter
  • Siemens Healthcare USA
  • Archie J. Sirianni, MD
  • Judy Smith
  • Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
  • Sandy Swank
  • Sutera & Jones Surgical Podiatry
  • Unitex Textile Rental Services
  • Barbara Wadsworth
  • Catherine Warren
  • Akosua & Duane Watts
  • Sean A. Wright, MD

Watch the Event Here!

Riddle HealthCare Foundation welcomes new board members

The Riddle HealthCare Foundation welcomes Colleen Arnold and Linda Ciavarelli, DPM to its Board. Board members assist with the foundation's fundraising efforts for Riddle Hospital and help fulfill the foundation's mission to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Colleen Arnold
President, Aqua division of Essential Utilities, Inc.
RHCF Board Member

Colleen Arnold was named to her current role upon the closing of Essential's acquisition of natural gas distribution company Peoples. She was previously deputy chief operating officer (DCOO) for Aqua, a role she held since September 2015. Prior to that, Ms. Arnold held the roles of director of water quality and environmental compliance, where she organized and oversaw the Compliance Assurance Program, which ensures compliance with environmental regulations and permits for all Aqua operations, as well as manager of treatment and water quality at Aqua Pennsylvania.

During her tenure at Aqua, Ms. Arnold has headed many successful initiatives, including realigning and leading the National Safety program, establishing and leading an Enterprise Asset Management program, as well as other best practice initiatives including water loss and treatment optimization across Aqua's footprint.

Ms. Arnold, a licensed professional engineer in Delaware, earned her B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Massachusetts, her M.S. in environmental engineering from Manhattan College, and her executive MBA from Villanova University.

Linda Ciavarelli, DPM
Brandywine Podiatry
RHCF Board Member

Linda Ciavarelli, DPM is a board-certified podiatrist, community activist, and founder & CEO of HouseCall VR, the first medical hub in the metaverse.

Dr. Ciavarelli created Housecall VR to offer healthcare providers an easy entry into the metaverse with virtual reality practice spaces connected to gamified medical content. HouseCall VR recently launched to the public and hosted the first public medical lectures in the metaverse, with a goal of creating better health access and literacy.

Dr. Ciavarelli serves as the president of the State of Delaware Controlled Substance Advisory Committee, co-president of the Philadelphia branch of the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Association, is a past member of the board of directors at the Tyler Arboretum, and a long-time volunteer at Media Food Bank.

Dr. Ciavarelli lives in Media, Pennsylvania with her husband of 22 years, her three children, and her cat, Moe. A triathlete and past competitive equestrian, she dreams of re-starting her athletic career to go for that (very) late in life gold medal.

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39th Annual Riddle Hospital Pro-Am Golf Classic

JOIN US! Thursday, September 15, 2022 at DuPont Country Club, benefiting Riddle's Campus Transformation Project and Patient Pavilion.

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