The Associated Auxiliaries of Riddle Hospital, founded in 1958, existed years before the hospital opened its doors in 1963. Initially hosting fairs, horse shows and galas, the efforts now include proceeds from the Thrift Store, the Gift Shop and exclusive fundraising events, bringing the total over the years to more than $12 million for the hospital. From the Health Center 3, The Cancer Center, the Main Lobby to the fourth floor Medical Unit, we all recognize just how many projects and equipment have been paid for with these funds.

Recently fulfilling their pledge of $2 Million toward Emergency Department expansion, the group also gave the hospital $757,600 for renovations to a unit specifically for telemetry patients. This year Riddle launched the Nurse Navigator Program for breast cancer patients and The Associated Auxiliaries donated $100,000 to support the services.

The energy and enthusiasm of this group of very special philanthropists has inspired Riddle employees to form SEA—Star Employee Auxiliary. This group alone has added 30 new members. This vibrant addition to the group will provide outstanding support at events to ensure success. The support of The Associated Auxiliaries is highly valued and appreciated by Riddle’s administration and Main Line Health leadership.

How we raise our millions!

Riddle Thrift Shop

Riddle Thrift Shop benefits Riddle Hospital through the sale of consigned and donated clothing, collectibles, furniture, and household items. Please help us in our mission by donating your goods for sale and/or your time as a volunteer. The Thrift Shop's hours are weekdays 9:30 am–4:00 pm and Saturdays 11:00 am–3:00 pm. Visit the Riddle Thrift Shop website or call us at 484.227.4074 to learn more.

Visit the Riddle Thrift Shop website

Merry Token Gift Shop in Main Hospital Lobby

“I’m thinking of you”—one of the nicest things one person can say to another. Let us at the The Merry Token Gift Shop at Riddle Hospital help you to say just that to someone special. The Gift Shop offers a wide assortment of unique gift ideas, balloons, cards, candy, magazines and more. You can place an order by stopping in or calling the gift shop at 484.227.3335. The Gift Shop's hours are weekdays 9:00 am–7:00 pm and weekends Noon–4:00 pm. Gifts will be delivered weekdays between 9:00 am–5:00 pm. Weekend deliveries will be dependent upon staffing. Deliveries are made within the hospital only and there is no service charge for delivery. If the recipient is in surgery, your gift will be delivered at the earliest opportunity after a room assignment has been given. If a patient has been discharged before we process the order, or if we are unable to locate the patient, you will be notified by telephone.

Lobby sales and raffles

Opportunities for baskets of cheer, jewelry, baked goods and other delights.

Tree of Lights

On a cold morning in December 1991, The Associated Auxiliaries of Riddle Hospital welcomed guests to the first Tree of Lights Ceremony. That event was held outside with a live tree but in a few years would move indoors where it continues to this day, as the traditional event to kick off the holiday season at Riddle Hospital.

Now the tree is artificial and towers more than 25 feet, decorated with colorful lights, all symbolizing gifts to the hospital honoring a friend, family member, physician, nurse and more. The first chair of the event in 1991 was Alycia Mallon-Buhle who is still involved with the auxiliaries, serving in many roles as a dedicated officer, volunteer and benefactor.

“I grew up with Riddle Hospital being a focus for our family, as my mother, Mary Mallon, was deeply involved in raising awareness and money for the new hospital back in the 60’s. The special way to remember our loved ones and others with the Tree of Lights makes the event both fun and heartwarming for everyone who supports the ceremony and for those in attendance” said Mallon-Buhle.

  • $15 Red Light
  • $20 Green Light
  • $25 Pink Light
  • $30 Blue Light
  • $50 Gold Light
  • $100 White Dove
  • $350 Wreath

Deadline for donations is the last Wednesday of November to secure a light, dove or wreath. Call The Associated Auxiliaries at 484.227.3174 for information.

Man O’War Gala

The Man O’War Gala is an annual event that is hosted by The Associated Auxiliaries of Riddle Hospital and held at the Springfield Country Club.

Join the Auxiliaries

Becoming a member of the Associated Auxiliaries is easy and flexible. You may wish to help with events, attend our fundraisers, purchase items in our shops or become a donor. If you are interested or have any ideas, please call the office at 484.227.3174 or email us at [email protected].