In 1953 when Lankenau Medical Center moved to its current site in Lower Merion Township, the Women's Board of Lankenau was formed to coordinate the many diverse activities of Lankenau individual Auxiliaries.

Since that time, this energetic, resourceful group of people has had an impressive record of raising money in support of our medical center. A major milestone was reached in 1973 when the president of the Women's Board became an ex-officio voting member of the Lankenau Medical Center Board of Trustees. Today, the Women's Board and its Auxiliaries account for many volunteers, some of whom serve directly on the Women's Board.

During the last seven decades the board and its Auxiliaries have been characterized by a progressive expansion of programs and services.

The Women's Board is the governing body of the Lankenau Auxiliaries. Three members from each auxiliary plus all fund raising chairpersons and standing committee chairpersons make up the membership, which meets the first Thursday of each month, September to June, with the exception of December when the Holiday Fair is traditionally held.

Since 2000, The Women's Board's and Auxiliaries $1 million commitment to the Life Begins at Lankenau campaign involved a major renovation and expansion of the Mother/Baby and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; an additional $1 million commitment to the Master Facility Project, the largest expansion and renovation project in Lankenau’s history; and, most recently, their third commitment of $1 million, in support of the Chaplaincy Program for Lankenau Medical Center, finalized in 2020.

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