Have you ever wished there was something that you could do to help others? If helping others and making a difference in your community sounds appealing then you can become Lankenau Medical Center volunteer. That is the kind of person we are looking for… people like you!

Who are our volunteers and what motivates them? Collectively our volunteers have one common denominator. They are people who feel good about helping others. Annually over 500 people, age 14 and counting, come to Lankenau as volunteers. Our volunteers are students, parents, grandparents, working professionals and retirees from all walks of life. Our volunteers come during the day, after school, on weekends, whenever their schedule allows.

Volunteering brings special rewards

Volunteering means being part of a group of energetic men and women who make a significant difference in the health and well being of the community. For some, volunteering provides an opportunity to interact with people and make new friends. For others it is a way to give back to the community. Still others find volunteering an excellent way to enhance skills and explore new careers. The greatest reward, however, is the sense of giving of oneself to help others.

At Lankenau Medical Center we believe that each of our volunteers is special. Annually we host a recognition event to express our appreciation to our volunteers. Pins are awarded for hours of service and in the Main Corridor of the hospital a the Volunteer Recognition Plaque honors volunteers who have donated over 1000 hours during their years as a volunteer.

Volunteer opportunities

Lankenau Medical Center offers a number of volunteer opportunities working with patients and with the many offices that support patient care. Each individual volunteer has unique talents to offer. The Department of Volunteer Services matches each applicant with an assignment that best taps into those talents.

Here a just a few of the unique volunteer opportunities that you may wish to check out:

  • Pet visitation: For some patients, shaking a furry paw or stroking a floppy ear can often be the best medicine. And that is why a volunteer program in pet visitation at Lankenau brings patients and pets together. Teams of specially trained volunteers and their dogs visit patients in the Transitional Care Center and are invited to visit in other patient care areas. Patients delight in the dogs that have been Delta screened and trained for their work as “therapists.” If you have a dog that is howling for the opportunity to be a volunteer be sure to contact the Volunteer Office for details. Note:Volunteer dogs must be Delta or Pals certified.
  • Humor therapy: Members of our Humor Prescription Program add a dimension of humor in an otherwise stressful environment. Consider driving our “Humor Ambulance” delivering diversional activities and humorous reading materials or think about going to Clown College to become a Caring Clown. The magical moments encountered by these volunteers envelope those they encounter with embracing hugs and warm smiles while bringing support, encouragement and a message of hope.
  • Hamper Thrift Shop: Is shopping your bag? Love things old and new, borrowed or blue? The Lankenau Medical Center Thrift Shop has a volunteer opportunity just for you! The Lankenau Medical Center Hamper Shop sells donated and consigned items. Furniture, household items, clothes, bric-à-brac, etc. is all for sale at this historic home located on Montgomery Avenue in nearby Narberth, PA. The Women’s Board of the hospital generously donates all profits from the shop to the hospital.
  • Heart hugs/surgical snugs: Handy with a needle and thread? Volunteers who love to sew make heart shaped or small rectangular pillows for patients recovering from surgical procedures. These therapeutic pillows provide comfort during coughing and deep breathing exercises that contribute to the recovery process. This is a way to volunteer right in your own home!
  • Knit one, purl two: If you enjoy knitting consider becoming one of Nancy’s Knitters. Volunteers knit cozy baby hats and blankets for Lankenau's smallest patients. Donated yarn and instructions are provided

How to become a Lankenau Medical Center volunteer

  • Contact the Department of Volunteer Services for an Application or choose the appropriate application below. Use the Junior application form for those under the age of 18.
  • Submit two reference letters from non-relatives. Reference Forms are located within the applications. Please have references mailed to our department.
  • Background checks are completed for applicants over the age of 18. Please make sure documents have all information requested and that these documents have the consent signature in order for background check to be processed.
  • QuantiFERON Testing (Tuberculosis Testing) is required and can be completed free of cost at Outpatient Lab Services at Lankenau with the volunteer commitment of 40 hours to our organization. Skin PPD’s are not accepted. Infection Prevention requires a Blood PPD.
  • Once applications and reference letters are received, applicants will be contacted to come to a group interview session.
  • Orientations will include education on all volunteer policies and procedures, confidentially documents and infection/prevention certification. Please note that volunteers are required to come to an interview before being invited to an orientation session.

Applications for volunteer opportunities

Adult volunteer application forms

Junior volunteer application forms


For further information about the Volunteer Program at Lankenau Medical Center email [email protected]. Everyone is a potential volunteer. All it takes is a desire to improve the quality of life… a desire to make a difference.