Dear Friends of Bryn Mawr Hospital,

Thank you. Your past generosity has helped prepare Bryn Mawr Hospital to face one of the most challenging periods in its history. Our efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here, and we encourage you to visit our website to learn more.

Bryn Mawr Hospital (BMH) and Main Line Health (MLH) continue to provide deeply personal care throughout this crisis. Our Hospital remains ready to help those seeking medical treatment, COVID-19 related or otherwise. In fact, Main Line Health has broadened its telemedicine program that allows patients to seek a medical evaluation remotely. The Hospital’s Labor and Delivery, and Maternity Units carry on helping families welcome new members every day. Services for those with behavioral health needs continue in earnest during this stressful time. In short, BMH remains your community hospital and our Hospital team is working tirelessly to ensure the community’s health.

As good friends of the Hospital, we want to share with you a “peak behind the curtain” at Bryn Mawr. We hope you find these stories as moving as we have, because in times of great need it is often simple stories that can help guide us, inspires us and comfort us.

Thank you again for your ongoing support of Bryn Mawr Hospital and our #healthcareheroes.


The Bryn Mawr Hospital Foundation Team

A story of survival

After a 20-day stay in Bryn Mawr Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit on a ventilator, this patient was discharged from our Hospital surrounded by joyous applause. While we mourn those who have lost their lives to COVID-19, we also celebrate our survivors.  


A story of trust

Shared by a Bryn Mawr Hospital employee: A patient was in respiratory distress and needed to be intubated due to COVID-19. Prior to the intubation he spoke with his wife, telling her how much he loved her. We knew how scared he was, we could see it on his face and hear it in his voice. The nurses and respiratory therapists held his hands, assuring the patient we would take good care of him. Later that day, after the intubation was complete, the patient’s position needed to be adjusted which takes five health care workers to do safely. He responded to our touch, and we told him what we needed to do. He gently nodded his head “yes,” that he understood, and then signed to us “I love all of you.”' There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

A story of compassion

Shared by a Bryn Mawr Hospital employee: A patient in her 80’s needed to be transitioned to inpatient hospice care due to non-COVID-19 health reasons. Fortunately, the patient’s daughter and daughter-in-law stayed by her side during the two days the patient spent at the Hospital. Other family members, including grandchildren and the patient’s 85-year-old husband, were unable to visit. The BMH team noticed that the patient’s daughter and daughter-in-law appeared weary and stressed after two days of bedside companionship alongside supporting their own families. Our Intensive Care Unit team in conjunction with the Palliative Care/Hospice team arranged for the patient to be safely transferred to her own home, where she would be surrounded by ALL of her loved ones during her last moments on earth. The patient was able to spend two more days with her loved ones at home. During this time, despite the necessary guidelines regarding Hospital access, caring for all of our patients, no matter their diagnosis, and supporting their families remains a priority.

A story of support

Many of our Bryn Mawr Hospital team members are spending time away from loved ones in order to protect their families while they focus on taking care of the health of our community. Despite that separation, the children and loved ones of staff are choosing to help uplift BMH’s patients with homemade artwork during this challenging time. The Hospital is laminating their artwork and encouraging words, for infection control purposes, and distributing these colorful pieces to our patients so they know our entire community is thinking of them and wishing them well. 

A story of hope

Bryn Mawr Hospital is happy to share that more than 150 babies have been born here since March 1! Regardless of what is happening in the wider world, dozens and dozens of families have welcomed new little ones into their lives and into their hearts. BMH has put in place rigorous guidelines to protect mothers and babies during this uncertain time, and we continue to ensure that each family feels safe, supported and prepared to take their loved one home.

Here are just a few of the thoughts shared by recent Labor & Delivery and Maternity Unit patients over the past several weeks:

  • “Absolutely LOVED our Labor & Delivery nurses - they were amazing!”
  • “COVID-19 screening had just begun and BMH staff & security were careful and courteous.”
  • “We loved everyone up on Maternity. The lactation consultant showed us how to bottle feed and this was amazing.”
  • “We LOVED it here! Can't say enough good things.”
  • “We had a tough delivery and the Doctor stuck with us! Also, we were admitted by a Doctor who I had never met, but he was also amazing.”
  • “They greeted us warmly when we went up to maternity. We had three shifts of nurses and loved everyone!”