The Bryn Mawr Hospital family is pleased to recognize the incredible generosity of the friends who supported the Bryn Mawr Hospital Foundation through their charitable giving in fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019).

The impact of philanthropy on Bryn Mawr Hospital is reflected in the regional and national awards and accolades, recognizing our team and our clinical services. The support from our community has touched the lives of countless patients and family members. To every donor who invested in our mission, we extend heartfelt gratitude and pledge to continue earning your support.

The Bryn Mawr Hospital Foundation has made every effort to ensure the information in this report is accurate. If an error is noted, please contact the Development Office at 484.337.8177 so that we may correct it promptly. Thank you.

Bryn Mawr Hospital facts and figures

Bryn Mawr Hospital is an acute care teaching hospital widely recognized for its advanced approach to patient care and use of innovative technology. The hospital has accredited programs in stroke care, hip and knee replacement, and breast cancer care, as well as certifications in chest pain and bariatrics. We provide programs and services to thousands of individuals a year, ensuring that our patients remain well ahead. Below are statistics that show how active Bryn Mawr Hospital is in providing for the health of this community.

Patient care revenue

Operating revenue and expense (in thousands)

Operating revenue 2016–2017 2015–2016
Net patient revenue 328,310 324,363
Other revenue 16,128 20,733
Total revenue 344,438 345,096
Operating expenses 2016–2017 2015–2016
Salaries and benefits 107,311 130,962
Supplies 30,100 61,415
Other expenses 190,884 119,936
Total expenses 328,295 312,313
Funds for reinvestment 16,143 32,783
Bryn Mawr Hospital fiscal year 2017 donor report statisticsBryn Mawr Hospital fiscal year 2017 donor report statisticsBryn Mawr Hospital fiscal year 2017 donor report statistics

Fiscal year 2019 donor lists

Members of the Gerhard Society

Members of the Legacy Society and estate gifts

Members of the 1893 Society

Fiscal year 2020 leadership lists

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