Results of the Cruisin’ Smart® presentation

The student surveys conducted by Cruisin’ Smart through Bryn Mawr Rehab, as well as the feedback we receive from schools and the students themselves, prove that the program works. Here are a few survey results that prove the impact this program can have on students:

  • 90 percent of students felt they were more aware of the consequences of distracted driving
  • 92 percent of students do not think it is safe to drive, or get into a car with someone who has been drinking, using drugs, or uses a cell phone while driving
  • 93 percent of students thought they were more likely to wear their seat belt in the future
  • 97 percent of students felt this program would be valuable to their schools

Many counselors, faculty members and young people go out of their way to express their gratitude for the program, or share how it affected them.

Making an impact

Students’ comments

“I learned a lot and know that I will never take drugs, drink and drive, or get into a car with someone who is drunk… The program helped me think about how serious it is to know who you are driving with.”

“Life changing. [This] could happen to anyone.”

“The actual person affected was before my eyes.”

The program “raised my awareness of the consequences of drinking and the effect on the whole family.”

“One bad decision could affect my entire life.”

The program was “effective because it showed the results of bad choices [and the] family response!”

“True stories have the most effect on students.”

“I will use this information in the future to help me make the best decision possible for not only myself, but for others.”

“The [Cruisin’ Smart] Program was very helpful to me. I think it should be presented to all schools and as well as to adults.”

Adults’ comments

“I found their message to be two-fold. The obvious message is, “don’t drink and drive.” But there was also another message: one of hope and the undying human spirit… I have been working in the alcohol and drug field for 20 years, and found this program to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. I would give it my highest recommendation.”
–Kathryn C. Grentzenberg, Alcohol & Drug Counselor at Widener University

“This was as valuable a presentation as I have ever witnessed in 34 years in education. The speakers and their stories hit our students right where we were aiming—at their minds and their decision-making. Thanks.”
–Fred Cummings, Principal of Methacton High School

“Thank you for the powerful and moving program. I believe that the tragic stories shared by Michael and Randy have impacted the students to make better decisions when confronted with alcohol and drugs.”
–Victoria Morgan, MS, Crises Counselor—SAP Coordinator at Owen J. Roberts Middle School

“Thank you for an excellent presentation. It was the most attentive I have ever seen our students. Your presenters are making a difference in the lives of young people. Keep up the good work.”
–Nancy Kupsfirschmidt, Health and P.E. Teacher at Pottstown Sr. High School

“The parents, students and staff of Merion Mercy Academy appreciated and benefited from [Cruisin’ Smart]. Nick and Linda have touched our hearts but more importantly, have changed our minds regarding alcohol and drug use.”
–Bill Baillie, Director of Guidance at Merion Mercy Academy

For more information about Cruisin’ Smart, contact the program coordinator at or 484.596.5465.