Advanced diagnostics and treatments for vascular disease

For circulatory and other conditions affecting the veins and arteries, our Peripheral Artery and Venous Disease Program team evaluates your risk factors and uses the latest treatment advances and novel techniques to restore blood flow throughout your body and to minimize your risk for heart attack, stroke and amputation.

People with peripheral vascular disease (PVD) (also called peripheral artery disease) may experience symptoms such as cold feet and leg cramping because of too little blood flow to the lower extremities. Some people with PVD have no symptoms yet are still at risk for heart attack and stroke.

At Lankenau Heart Institute, which serves the Greater Philadelphia region and attracts patients from around the world, our goal is to minimize your risk, relieve your pain and help you live a heart-healthy lifestyle. Our treatment approach to PVD as well as venous disease such as vein insufficiency and varicose veins, includes non-surgical interventions as well as minimally invasive surgical procedures such as balloon angioplasty, stenting and laser ablation.

We are also the first and only health system in the region to offer a breakthrough treatment called Lithoplasty®, particularly helpful for patients with calcified PAD, which uses sound waves combined with balloon angioplasty to enter the artery and gently expand artery walls to restore blood flow. We also focus on prevention, working with you to make lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, managing your weight, and using strategies to lower your blood pressure.

Cardiovascular clinical trials at Main Line Health

Main Line Health uses clinical trials to help prevent, diagnose and treat the full range of heart and vascular conditions. Learn more about the cardiovascular clinical trials currently being offered by our renowned cardiologists and heart and vascular surgeons.

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