Movement is medicine

We believe movement is medicine. Moving your body to increase strength, endurance and balance can improve everything from your weight and body composition to depression, to sports and workout performance. The key is knowing the right movements to optimize your health and quality of life.

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Fitness and metabolic testing services

Before you set and begin working toward your physical fitness goals, it's important to know your starting point. Our fitness and metabolic tests help us establish a baseline in order to develop an appropriate roadmap for your fitness journey.

Metabolic testing—Our office will provide specific instructions for preparation, which involves fasting and avoiding caffeine, medications and strenuous exercise before your appointment.

  • Resting metabolic testing (RMR) shows how much energy you burn at rest. This is key to determining how many calories you need to take in and burn to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. 30 minutes, $80

Fitness testing is key to designing an individualized training program for you that's both safe and effective. We will ask you to perform a range of specific movements in order to evaluate your current level of fitness and identify any areas in need of special focus.

  • Mobility, strength and balance testing includes Functional Movement Screen (FMS)—a series of fundamental movement patterns used in daily life, single-leg balance test, postural analysis, and bodyweight strength testing—pushups, inverted row, and single-leg squat. 45 minutes, $100
  • Follow-up mobility, strength and balance testing includes:
    • Repeat of the mobility, strength and balance tests. 45 minutes, $80
    • Y-Balance upper and lower extremity test for mobility and stability. 45 minutes, $100
    • Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) which tests ability to hop/jump on one/both legs, core stability, and endurance. 60 minutes, $120
    • Power testing composed of vertical jump, standing long jump, and medicine ball throws. 45 minutes, $100
    • Core strength testing. 30 minutes, $60
  • Sports-specific testing helps athletes of all levels gain insights to help improve their performance and prevent injury. Our offerings include:
    • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf assessment for movement, strength and power. 60 minutes, $120
    • OnBase University screening for baseball hitters. 45 minutes, $100
    • Additional sports such as football, track and field, and others. 30–60 minutes (depending on sport), $60–120
    • Strength symmetry evaluation to assess imbalances between both sides of the body. 60 minutes, $100