Whole-person integrative eating, personalized for you

Your body has several "systems," all at play with and communicating with one another. What you put into your body influences these systems and the communication between them. A functional nutritionist—often a nurse who has advanced knowledge, experience, and certification in functional nutrition therapy—can take a broadview approach to your health and help make dietary adjustments based on your individual needs. This approach is often called whole-person integrative eating.


The functional nutritionist can:

  • Apply advanced understanding of anatomy and physiology
  • Expertly analyze and assess your individual health needs or concerns
  • Prescribe personalized dietary changes to support optimal well-being

—so you can feel your best, at any stage of life.

Whole-person integrative eating and your personalized nutrition plan

Your functional nutritionist will assess your current diet and lifestyle behaviors as well as any health conditions you might have, such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, and obesity.

We take the approach that health is a life-long journey—one that is always evolving—and that personalized nutrition, along with movement and mindfulness can help you achieve optimal health along the way.

Whole-person integrative eating and a personalized nutrition plan may include:

  • Guidance on:
    • Diabetic food plans
    • Elimination
    • Gluten-free
    • Ketogenic
    • Low-FODMAP
    • Sports nutrition
    • Time-restricted feeding
  • Minimizing toxin exposure by identifying high-quality produce and food brands
  • Counseling on weight management and macronutrient needs
  • Suggestions on foods for hormonal balance as well as gut and brain health
  • Ways to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into your diet

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