A food journal may hold clues to health and well-being

Keeping track of what you eat for a few days is helpful for an integrative and functional medicine doctor to be able to assess your diet and identify foods and ingredients that may be adversely affecting your health and weight. Here’s how to do a three-day food journal:

  1. Download the three-page diet, nutrition, and lifestyle journal (PDF).
  2. Fill in your name and the appropriate date for each of the three days.
  3. Note that the form asks you to enter everything that you eat and drink throughout the course of the day, entering each food or drink at about the time of day you consume it.
  4. It is also educational to consider what color of food you are eating, and to check a box for each serving of each color in the right hand section of the forms. Note for example that R = Red (strawberry, apple, raspberry) and O = Orange (oranges, sweet potato, carrots).
  5. Also note that the next lower section of the form queries you about your sleep, stresses, other relationships and activity.
  6. At the very bottom of the form, please write a few comments about how clear your thinking is each day, how your emotional state of mind is (happy, sad, angry, etc.), and any comments about your spirituality, such as prayer, church, or how being out in nature made you feel that day.
  7. Remember to record your snacks.
  8. Do not try to change your current eating habits for this three-day journal. Eat and do what you usually do on an average day for this time period to give the doctor some baseline data to discuss your nutrition and lifestyle.

You may bring your journal with you to your visit with Dr. Denitzio, or you can drop it off at the office or mail it ahead of time.