To get started on your journey to optimal wellness, we seek to learn all about you: your current state of health and the many factors that can impact your health, including your genetic makeup, what you eat, physical activity level, how well you sleep, stress level, the environment in which you live and work, and your relationships.

Before your first appointment, you will receive questionnaires from our office, designed to gather these important details so we can have a highly productive discussion during our first visit together. The forms must be completed prior to scheduling your first appointment to allow your provider time to thoroughly review, after which your appointment will be scheduled accordingly.

Your first visit with your provider

During your first visit, we will review your past medical history, check your vitals and complete a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). A BIA is a measurement of body fat/lean muscle ratio.

Then you will meet with your provider for your first visit. At the end of the visit we will provide any specialty testing kits, lab requisitions, radiology orders or anything else your provider would like you to have completed.

Wellness service package options

Comprehensive wellness assessment and follow up visits

Visits and fees for your comprehensive wellness assessment

  • Initial Consultation: 90 Minutes / 120 Minutes - $390 / $525
  • Second visit (review labs, create protocol): 75 Minutes - $325
  • Follow-up visits: 30 Minutes / 60 Minutes - $175 / $260
  • Laboratory testing /blood draws: $10
  • Telehealth (phone call): 30 Minutes $150

Wellness assessment and follow up visits

  • New wellness assessment: 60 minutes - $260
  • Follow-up visit: 60 minutes - $260

HeartMath teaching

This is a biofeedback method that combines breathing techniques with computer technology to change the pattern of your heartbeat to reduce stress and anxiety and experience greater well-being.

  • Initial HeartMath teaching evaluation: 45 minutes - $195
  • HeartMath teaching follow-up visit: 30 minutes - $130

Trigger point therapy with dry needling (Concordville)

Your first session will include a discussion of your medical history and current problems that may respond to dry needling of muscle trigger points.

Initial evaluation and first dry needling therapy session: 60 minutes - $200

Dry needling therapy follow-up sessions: 30 minutes per session - $125

Preparing for your dry needling visit:

  • Wear loose fitting clothing. We will provide a gown for you as well.
  • DO NOT FAST. Eat a light meal and drink an extra glass or two of water prior to your appointment.
  • Empty your bladder prior to your visit

Introductory wellness evaluation for Fitness & Wellness Center members (Concordville)

  • Wellness evaluation with BIA measurement 45 minutes $150

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Denitzio, call 484.227.7858. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rachel Sugarman, call 484.324.7311.