Are integrative and functional medicine services covered by insurance?

Many patients find that working with an integrative and functional medicine doctor and undergoing the recommended testing is a worthwhile investment in their health.

  • Insurance plans not accepted.
  • Payment in full at the time of visit is expected.
  • Cash, personal checks, health care FSA cards, and credit cards are accepted.

Fee schedule

New comprehensive health assessment

$350 – 90 minutes

This comprehensive health assessment is for patients with multiple complex chronic conditions requiring an integrative and functional medicine approach. Our goal is to determine the problems that contribute to ill health and to begin advanced testing and discuss potential treatments to get you on the road to recovery.

First follow-up visit

$300 – 75 minutes

New wellness assessment

$250 – 60 minutes

During this visit the doctor will review any medical problems you’re currently having and discuss how they’re being managed. This is also an opportunity for the doctor to evaluate your current diet and lifestyle and discuss alternative diet approaches. He will also review your fitness goals and programs and discuss life stresses and methods of relaxation. During this wellness assessment he will also:

  • Analyze current nutritional supplements and discuss the need for vitamins, supplements or botanicals
  • Use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body fat to lean muscle ratio and discuss the results with you
  • Demonstrate HeartMath for stress reduction and to improve performance
  • Provide an overall assessment of health and wellness and make recommendations for reducing your risk of chronic disease

Established comprehensive visit

$250 – 60 minutes

This is a visit that follows a new wellness assessment. During this visit, the doctor will review all clinical findings with you, including lab results, X-rays and consultations. The doctor will also:

  • Establish a treatment plan for diet and lifestyle changes
  • Prescribe nutraceuticals, supplements
  • Discuss stress reduction and any alternative medicine treatments needed

Established follow-up visit

$200 – 45 minutes

This follow-up visit is for less complex conditions. It may also be a follow-up to a previous visit involving higher level interventions. During this visit, the doctor will:

  • Review all clinical findings, lab results, X-rays, consultations
  • Establish a treatment plan for diet and lifestyle changes
  • Prescribe nutraceuticals, supplements
  • Discuss stress reduction and any alternative medicine treatments needed

Established brief visit

$175 – 30 minutes

This brief visit is for focused medical follow-up of specific problems and includes bioelectrical impedance analysis, such as you previously had in your comprehensive health assessment. (After this visit, additional BIA readings are $50.)

Dry needling therapy session – initial evaluation

$200 – 60 minutes

This session includes discussion of medical history and current problems that may respond to dry needling of muscle trigger points. You will also have your first treatment at this session.

Dry needling therapy session – follow-up

$125 – 30 minutes

This is for additional trigger point therapy sessions.

HeartMath teaching – initial evaluation

$125 – 45 minutes

This is a biofeedback method that combines breathing techniques with computer technology to change the pattern of your heartbeat to reduce stress and anxiety and experience greater well-being.

HeartMath teaching – follow-up

$100 – 30 minutes

Wellness evaluation for Fitness & Wellness Center members

$100 – 45 minutes

Includes BIA measurement.

Lab blood draw or specimen preparation fee


NOTE: We reserve the right to adjust these fees, and will notify you of any fee changes prior to your visit. There may be other associated fees for services rendered by Dr. Denitzio which are not listed. Call our office for more information.

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