To ease the transition home after a stay at the hospital, Main Line Health offers the Community Paramedicine Program. Under this program, specially trained paramedics visit patients in their homes to help with the transition and to monitor a patient's progress during recuperation.

During your visit

The program is offered to patients who meet certain criteria and have a chronic illness, are taking multiple medications, and are at an increased risk of being readmitted to the hospital. Clinicians will identify patients who meet these specifications and will offer the program at the time of discharge. Participation in the program is optional. Patients who decide to participate will be contacted by our staff before discharge or shortly after leaving the hospital. During the first visit, the visiting paramedic will:

  • Check vital signs and monitor weight.
  • Review and answer any questions about the discharge instructions.
  • Perform physician-ordered EKG's (12-lead) and lab work, or administer medications.
  • Ensure that all medications are in the home and the correct dose is being taken, and also explain the reason for taking the medication. The paramedic will also answer any medication-related questions.
  • Ensure that follow-up physician appointments have been scheduled and verify transportation.
  • Answer any questions from the patient, family members, or caretaker.
  • Schedule follow-up visits, as needed.

At the end of the visit the paramedic will update the physician about the visit.

Follow-up care

Family members and patient caretakers are welcome to participate in the visit and are encouraged to ask questions. If follow-up care is necessary, patients, family members, or caretakers will be connected to an appropriate Main Line Health or community resource.

Riddle Hospital

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For more information on the Community Paramedicine Program, call: 484.227.4440