Programs that illuminate the wonders of the human body

The Delema G. Deaver Health Education Center at Lankenau Medical Center is committed to promoting the health and well-being of its visitors. Through the use of innovative technology and educational programming, both children and adults will discover the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Education Center provides visitors with a creative, interactive learning environment that supplements the education efforts of schools, families and community organizations. One of the most popular presenters is Pandora, a life-size, three dimensional, transparent talking woman who highlights anatomy and physiology while giving viewers a look inside the incredible human body.

“Loved the instructor’s energy and management of kids.” – Delaware County School

With eye-popping displays and sophisticated audio-visual technology, we offer children the chance to learn about themselves in four vitally important areas: general health, food and nutrition, drugs and alcohol, and family life. Information is presented in a factual and nonjudgmental manner.

Fun, engaging learning opportunities for children

Our programs are a perfect supplement to your school health and science curriculum requirements, and the programs also meet the Pennsylvania Standards for Science and Health Safety and Physical Education.

“Students came to class the next day talking about the food labels they read at home!” – Montgomery County public school

At the Health Education Center, some of the fun and interesting things children can do include:

  • Observing the building blocks of a typical human cell and studying the body’s specialized cells
  • Analyzing the nutritional values of different foods and their effects on the body
  • Discovering the different systems of the body and how body systems are interdependent
  • Understanding the different centers of the brain and how they control the body
  • Following the flow of blood through the heart and learning how arteries become blocked

Through our programs, kids also learn the importance of physical activity and making good health decisions throughout their lives. We educate young people on the impact of drugs, legal and illegal, on the human body, and also explore the changes of puberty and learn how life begins.

“The program is fun, interactive, age-appropriate, and multi-sensory.” – Philadelphia Archdiocese School

All programs are FREE. Reservations are first-come, first-serve, and can be made for any time during the day. To schedule a program, call 484.476.3434 or contact us online.