The Brain and Spine Center is co-directed by board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon Scott A. Rushton, MD, and board-certified neurosurgeon Peter D. Le Roux, MD, FACS. This collaboration allows a true integration of the knowledge, skills, and expertise unique to each surgical specialty. Together, Drs. Rushton and Le Roux bring more than 30 years’ experience caring for patients with brain and spine disorders.

Our specialists seek the least invasive treatment that will be effective in relieving pain and restoring mobility and function. When surgery is recommended, patients can rest assured that our specialists have taken a rigorous approach to determining that surgery is the appropriate treatment option and, further, which exact surgical approach is best.

Message from the Directors

All patients with a brain or spine problem are unique. Although many have significant symptoms or severe pain, others—such as patients with a small brain tumor or an unruptured aneurysm—may have mild or no symptoms. But even without symptoms, a patient with a brain or spine problem often is distressed. Finding the right care is paramount.

At the Brain and Spine Center, we know that finding the right care often requires specialists working together. It also requires understanding what is right for that patient at that point in time, taking into account the problem and its current and potential symptoms, the patient’s level of function and quality of life, and the potential benefits and risks of different treatments. Because every situation is unique, we carefully consider each piece of information in a patient’s history and clinical assessment when making a diagnosis and tailoring care. This precise approach is essential for selecting the best treatment, which in turn is vital to ensuring the best-possible outcome for each patient.

We are committed to excellence in the care of patients with brain and spine conditions and dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, integrated, and personalized care. Whether our multidisciplinary evaluation reveals that an operation, medication, or watchful waiting is most appropriate, patients can count on our expertise in selecting the care plan that is right for them.

At the Brain and Spine Center, we seek the least invasive treatment that will be most effective. In most cases, it is not surgery. When surgery is recommended, patients can be assured that we have taken rigorous steps to determine that this is the correct treatment choice and to identify the surgical option that is best.

An important component of our care approach is patient education aimed at easing fear or confusion about brain and spine conditions. We know many patients have concerns and questions, and we take time to help patients understand their situation and our recommended plan of care.

If you suffer from symptoms related to a brain or spine disorder or are advised by a physician to consult a brain or spine surgeon, we can help. Working with you, your referring physician, and our specialist colleagues in brain and spine disease diagnosis and treatment, we will find the care that is right for you.