Our patients will be the first to tell you asking for help is the first step in feeling better. When difficulties arise, know you are not alone—the experts at the WEWC can help. Hear it firsthand from our patients.

From our patients

“I’m really glad that I decided to come here. This was been so helpful and really help [sic] me discover myself and be more aware of things.”

“I think IOP was very beneficial to me by just hearing others and their stories. Makes you feel better when you are not alone.”

“The IOP saved my life. I knew I felt bad. The IOP helped me to understand what was going on within me. I made friends who understand me that I still continue to keep in touch with.”

“Thankful for WEWC staff during treatment; all were kind, caring and professional during some very tough times. Glad to have this resource in the community.”

“This practice and my therapist have been extremely helpful. I feel like it’s a safe place to voice my thoughts, concerns and feelings and be taken seriously.”

“This was a great experience, my therapist was wonderful, helped me through the hardest time of my life.”

“WEWC is a life saver. The entire staff is amazing. I have never felt so genuinely cared about while in therapy. ABC was always helpful as well!”

“This group [IOP] was a literal life saver. I always felt so heard and welcomed.”

“I wish I could have had [the IOP] in high school or college. This experience has been excellent in helping me focus on core issues in a really safe place.”

“I think the whole world needs to be in IOP. The skills I have learned have really helped me in my everyday life and I believe they will help me in my marriage and to be a good mother when I have kids. I’m thankful to have attended IOP.”

“I really enjoyed coming to this program [IOP]. Being in a women only group was less intimidating.”

“The program was very meaningful and helpful…would highly recommend.”

“This is a special place, I am so lucky to have been referred here. Staff members are truly caring and interested in the patient. Thank you.”

“Everything about my experience here has been positive. Everyone is extremely kind. I was at my worst, and I felt cared about. Thank you.”

“The [IOP] has improved the quality of my life in my ability to calmly reaction to situations that arise. It’s so helpful to know I’m not alone in these feelings of anxiety and it’s great to share with other women!”

Share your story

If you have had a positive experience with the Women's Emotional Wellness Center, we would love to hear from you and share your story with others. All submissions can be completely anonymous. Email blande@mlhs.org to share your story.