Lankenau Medical Associates (LMA), our residency’s ambulatory clinic, is located on-site and serves a complex, diverse and delightful mix of patients, predominantly from West Philadelphia. Each categorical resident builds their own panel of primary care patients over a three-year period.

Our program has devoted focus on improving the quality of our outpatient experience. Changes have included adding a fantastic associate program director for ambulatory medicine, hiring ten new staff members to ensure operational efficiency, and creating a new practice management team run by Main Line HealthCare, our own practice management group. Our practice has on-site psychological care and outstanding access to social work for our complex patients.

We have a dedicated inpatient team for our clinic patients requiring hospitalization. This team is often lead by our LMA physicians, program directors, and chief residents to provide continuity of care and facilitate outpatient follow up.


All categorical residents will complete a carefully structured ambulatory block rotation which includes clinical experiences in nephrology, sports medicine, nutrition, diabetes, women’s health, along with home visit and practice management experiences.


In addition to their regularly scheduled clinic sessions, residents spend one block working closely with a primary care physician. This immersive primary care experience has proved to be inspiring for several of our trainees who have entered primary care careers.


In addition to their regularly scheduled clinic sessions, residents spend a month in the role of the LMA chief where they become in-practice “air traffic controllers” and develop skills in acute care and telephonic medicine. They additionally complete a geriatrics/education rotation which combines experiences in on-campus rehab facilities and extensive medical student teaching experiences at Lankenau.