Our acapreneurial strategy has enabled us to forge fruitful partnerships with biotechnology companies, including the following:

Currently on the market

Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim’s blood thinner dabigatran etexilate (Pradaxa®) was pioneered in clinical trials administered through LIMR. A collaboration funded by the company also promised to extend the drug’s use to cancer patients.

In preclinical development

Genisphere, LLC

Genisphere, LLC collaborated with LIMR in the development of a therapy targeting the mRNA-binding protein HuR using 3DNA nano-carriers for treating ovarian cancer. LIMR researchers also used the 3DNA nanotherapy to successfully deliver in a highly targeted fashion a low-dose treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, inserting the therapeutic directly into B cells in mice.

MYNARI Biomedical

MYNARI Biomedical, Fort Washington, PA, is developing and commercializing MyNauseaRisk, a LIMR-developed blood assay that reliably and objectively predicts which cancer patients are most likely to experience acute nausea after chemotherapy.


OCMS Bio, LLC, Wynnewood, PA, is commercializing On-Cell mAb Screening (OCMS™), a novel technology developed at LIMR that produces monoclonal antibodies. It improves the standard technology in several ways: Most importantly it enables rapid identification and isolation of B cells that secrete antibodies with desired characteristics that can be challenging or impossible to obtain by existing methods.

Duet Therapeutics, Inc.

Duet Therapeutics, Inc., Princeton, NJ, is commercializing a set of LIMR-developed inventions to treat common, age-associated forms of blindness, including diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.

IO Biotech

IO Biotech is working with LIMR on a novel cancer vaccine methodology. Preclinical studies have shown that animals treated with the experimental approach not only had total remission of their cancers, but also showed complete protection against re-introduction of tumor cells. IO Biotech owns the intellectual property.

Dynamis Therapeutics, Inc.

Dynamis Therapeutics, Inc. is developing a small molecule drug for the treatment of diabetic complications and other autoimmune diseases. The drug was discovered in collaboration with LIMR scientists.

Telesis Therapeutics, LLC

Telesis Therapeutics is developing a small molecule cancer drug discovered at LIMR.

ProActive HealthSciences

ProActive HealthSciences is developing a method to treat esophageal cancer based on studies done at LIMR.