Peer-reviewed publications

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White papers and reports

Larson S; Padron N; Mason J; Bogaczyk T. Supervised Consumption Facilities – Review of the Evidence. December 2017.
CPHR produced a scientific review of safe injection sites as a means to help combat the opioid epidemic. The study was produced by CPHR at the request of The Office of the Health Commissioner, Philadelphia Department of Public Health. Supervised consumption facilities, also known as safe drug injection sites or comprehensive user engagement sites, are medical interventions in which essential services are provided to reduce substance use, the harms associated with substance abuse, and fatal overdoses.

In popular media

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Larson S. With suicide on the rise, it should now be viewed as a population health problem. Main Line Health Well Ahead blog. July 10, 2018.

Press releases

CPHR's 2019 Population Health Day: Theme of health equity

CPHR researchers produce scientific review of safe injection facilities at request of Philadelphia city officials

LIMR names executive director of population health research

LIMR and Thomas Jefferson University collaborate to launch new Population Health Research Center


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