Gilmour, Susan

Susan Gilmour, PhD

Resident Faculty

Dr. Gilmour is defining mechanisms by which tumor modifiers, such as polyamines and thrombin, support and accelerate the development of cancer to a malignant, metastatic state. She is also investigating how polyamines recruit mutant stem cell populations to promote the early development of tumors. She is translating these basic research findings into novel polyamine- and thrombin-targeted therapies that can contribute to increased survival in cancer patients.

  • 2001–Present: Professor, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
  • 2018–Present: Deputy Director, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
  • 2000–Present: Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Sidney Kimmel College of Medicine,Thomas Jefferson University
  • 2004–Present: Adjunct Professor of Graduate Biology, St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia
  • 2006–Present: Adjunct Professor of Pathology, Drexel University, Philadelphia
  • 2006–Present: Program in Cell Biology and Signaling, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson University
  • 2017: Chair, Polyamines Gordon Conference, "Polyamine Metabolism in Disease and Polyamine-Targeted Therapies"