Sunil Thomas

Sunil Thomas, PhD

Research Faculty
Research Professor

Dr. Thomas specializes in translational research, which applies scientific findings to medical practice. Dr. Thomas modeled the membrane protein of SARS-CoV-2 and showed that it functions as a sugar transporter. He also mapped the non-structural proteins and accessory proteins of SARS-CoV-2. He created a groundbreaking resource for scientists seeking to develop new and better outcomes in the fight against COVID-19 called the COVID-19 Genetic Resource Guide—the world’s first compendium of the genetic code and protein structure of SARS-CoV-2. During his career in immunology, he has developed vaccines, immunotherapies and diagnostic techniques and has been awarded several patents for his groundbreaking work. He developed the Eastern blotting technique to detect protein post-translational modifications. He has also contributed to cell biology: described fougaro system in cells, anigma in the muscularis of the colon and peinosis of the colon when on a high fat high protein diet. He is the editor of several books, including a popular two-volume set called Vaccine Design: Methods and Protocols (2016). A fully rewritten and supplemented second edition, consisting of three volumes, was published in 2022.

  • 2022–Present: Research Professor, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR)
  • 2021: Research Associate Professor, LIMR
  • 2012–2021: Research Assistant Professor, LIMR
  • 2015–Present: Editor, Vaccine Design: Methods and Protocols (Springer-Nature)
  • 2017: Visiting Professor, Temple University