Treatment study for patients who have been hospitalized for heart failure


Comparison of torsemide and furosemide for management of heart failure

Researchers are comparing two FDA-approved oral diuretic drugs, Demadex® (torsemide) and Lasix® (furosemide), to determine long-term outcomes in patients who have been hospitalized for heart failure.

Patients are grouped into two study arms. One group receives torsemide, while the other group receives furosemide.

The initial medications are given while the patients are still in the hospital. Initial and follow-up dosing is at the discretion of the Main Line Health physician.

Trial participants are followed by a minimum of one year.

The primary objective of this randomized, unblinded, multicenter clinical study is to compare the treatment strategy of torsemide vs. furosemide on long-term clinical outcomes among hospitalized heart failure patients.

Eligible patients are those who have been hospitalized (≥ 24 hours) with worsening of chronic heart failure or new diagnosis of heart failure and meets one of the following criteria:

  • Left ventricular ejection fraction ≤40% within 24 months prior to and including index hospitalization
  • Elevated natriuretic peptide level (either NT-pro-B-type natriuretic peptide or B-type natriuretic peptide) during index hospitalization

The initial and follow-up dosing of the diuretic is at the health care provider’s discretion, with the following conversion provided as a guide: 1 mg torsemide to 2-4 mg oral furosemide. (For instance, a patient would receive torsemide 20 mg or furosemide 40-80 mg.)

Trial participants are followed for a minimum of one year. They receive follow-up per standard of care without additional study-specific visits. All patients will have 30-day, six-month and 12-month post-randomization phone contacts performed by the Duke Clinical Research Institute Call Center for assessment of vital status, interval hospitalizations, concomitant HF medications, adherence, quality of life, and symptoms of depression.

Inclusion Snapshot

  • Must have been hospitalized for heart failure
  • Must be willing and able to take oral diuretics for a period of up to one year

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