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Planning ahead

December 5, 2016 News and insights By Andrew Norton, MD, FACP

This issue of the [Main Line Health Physician] magazine, headlined by the Main Line Health Strategic Plan for 2016–2020, includes a number of topics that exemplify the focus of Main Line Health in the years ahead.

It’s a direction that’s natural for a health care organization of our quality, critical for the community we serve, and vital for our organization’s stability.

One of the essentials that form the foundation of our plan is uncompromised quality and patient safety.

Two articles in this issue illustrate this commitment:

  • The importance of being highly reliable (page 8) addresses the very first goal in our Strategic Plan: eliminate preventable harm. Our focus on building a reliable culture of safety is based on being a highly reliable organization (HRO). Applying the principles of an HRO can improve the reliability and success of any effort and any organization.
  • Don Klingen’s article, on Main Line Health’s PIVOT initiative and the EPIC EHR (page 6), details specifically how this transformation will benefit you and your patients, thanks to the work being done by our Clinical Program and Clinical Environment Workgroup leadership and staff from across Main Line Health.

A third article, on the gastrointestinal diagnostic lab (page 7), illustrates our evolving culture of systemness and innovation, as well as a strong infrastructure—two more foundation essentials. Centralized, advanced technology and the right people can support colleagues across the system by performing highly complex procedures for patients outside of Philadelphia’s academic medical centers.

Finally, two recent clinical trials, MATCH and PARTNER 3, are highlighted on page 10, the latest examples of our Strategic Imperative to advance research to improve patient care, quality and safety.

You can read an overview of the plan on page 4, and hopefully you’ve obtained your copy and heard more details at a semi-annual medical staff meeting. If you haven’t yet received a copy of the plan, just contact your department head.

As always, I welcome your comments and insights at nortonaj@mlhs.org.

Andy Norton, MD, is senior vice president and chief medical officer at Main Line Health.