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A PIVOTal transformation

February 1, 2016 News and insights By Donna Phillips

How physicians, patients and staff interact with Main Line Health is about to be transformed.

In early 2015, Main Line Health launched a systemwide evaluation to identify a comprehensive technology platform that would enable us to integrate inpatient and ambulatory care with clinical and financial systems.

Throughout the year, our clinicians, administrative staff and technical experts conducted vendor evaluations, site visits and reference calls. Their recommendation—to adopt the Epic electronic health record (EHR) system—was approved by the Main Line Health Board in November.

Epic is a world leader in providing hospitals and health systems with integrated software that connects clinical, scheduling, registration and revenue functions, and extends into the home to create a seamless patient and clinician experience. Epic’s current customers include well-known academic medical centers and health care systems, from Penn, Jefferson, Temple and Nemours to Yale, Cleveland Clinic and Kaiser Permanente.

At Main Line Health, by early 2018, we will have in place a new, foundation infrastructure specifically built to support value-based care and population health. The end result will be amazing:

  • Seamless integration between inpatient and outpatient solutions that encompass clinical information, patient registration, patient scheduling and billing
  • A personalized and streamlined experience for patients, including an intuitive, robust Patient Portal and tools to enable our patients to partner with providers in their health and wellness
  • An easy-to-navigate platform with the tools and level of integration to best meet our needs to provide a superior and patient-centric experience and environment

With Epic’s investments in research and development, we expect to long remain on the cutting-edge with superior tools to deliver exceptional care.

Epic will replace many of our current platforms including SmartChart, SmartOffice (aka Nextgen), our two patient portals and many of our core ancillary systems. Additional platforms —such as document imaging and our blood bank system—will be replaced with products that integrate easily with Epic.

Most importantly, this will be more than just a replacement of our IT systems—it will be an organizational transformation to position Main Line Health for a new era in health care. With the support of the entire Main Line Health team, we will be evaluating how we interact with our patients, clinicians and staff, and we will use our new technological advantage to create an incredible experience for our patients, our physicians, our employees and our community.

This is an organizational transformation that deserves its own name: PIVOT (Promoting Innovation by Valuing Organizational Transformation), powered by Epic.

Helping me lead this PIVOT initiative over the next three-plus years will be the Executive Steering team: Jack Lynch, president and CEO; Mike Buongiorno, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Andrew Norton, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer; Karen Thomas, senior vice president and chief information officer; and Barbara Wadsworth, senior vice president and chief nursing officer.

Our four-phase approach has already begun. Currently, in Phase 1, we’re working to build awareness as well as a project team and staff of about 150, which will include nurses, pharmacists, radiology technicians, clinical laboratory scientists, health information management coders, billing/account receivable representatives, information systems analysts, trainers and more.

In Phase 2, as the system is being built, physicians will be key contributors, tapped to provide insight on how their specialty would interact with the various applications.

Phase 3 will consist of testing and user training for Main Line Health medical staff and employees, as PIVOT comes to life, in preparation for go-live and continuing support in Phase 4.

In the coming months, more details will become available on PIVOT and the role of Main Line Health physicians in preparing for a new era in health care.

Donna Phillips is executive sponsor of the PIVOT project and president of Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital.