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Can gastric sleeve surgery help hinder binge eating?

Bryn Mawr Hospital March 9, 2017 In the News

If a surgery could cure alcoholism or heroin addiction, wouldn’t it be celebrated as a breakthrough? Even if it weren’t 100-percent effective, the procedures would be embraced as new hope in the battle to end suffering and save lives. So why is bariatric surgery any different?

Because people blame obese patients for their food addictions, says Dr. Richard Ing, a surgeon and medical director of the Bariatric Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital. “There is a huge bias against people who suffer from food disorders,” he says. “They are thought to be lazy and much, much worse.”

In an interview with Main Line Today, Dr. Ing discusses the possibility that gastric sleeve surgery could be a long-term "cure" for binge eating.