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Organic food is the best medicine, and a Pennsylvania hospital agrees

January 7, 2017 In the News

What if hospitals took the ultimate step in preventative medicine: bringing healthy, organic food right to their patients?

That’s what Lankenau Medical Center finally did in April 2015, when it opened the Deaver Wellness Farm after years of planning. The half-acre organic farm has one goal: providing healthy, fresh, organic food to patients.

Chinwe Onyekere, Lankenau’s associate administrator, noted that some patients, many of whom were battling chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems, were only getting zero to two servings of fresh foods a day.

“The role of the provider is not only to address health care, but to address social issues,” she explained in a briefing.

It was time to make a change.

Learn more about the Delema G. Deaver Wellness Farm from Organic Authority.