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New year, new you: The benefits of physical therapy

January 5, 2016 News Releases

As we move on from the holidays and head into the month of January, a time to plan on improving our lives throughout the upcoming year, Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital clinicians urge community members to make resolutions that address some specific health and wellness needs with the help of a physical therapist.

“New Year’s resolutions are not often aimed at taking care of that nagging shoulder pain, consulting with a surgeon about your debilitating knee pain, or learning how to improve your posture, reduce migraines and improve balance—but they should be,” says Amy L. Spiegel, physical therapist affiliated with Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital. “These are all things that can help to improve our overall health and wellness, and should be an important focus of living healthier lives in 2016.”

Through the use of different modalities, physical therapists can help patients to improve posture, flexibility, strength, balance and overall quality of life. They can help those who experience numbness in their arms and legs as a result of a spine or nerve problem, and can help reduce headaches or migraine pain. They can even help people recover from traumas, surgeries and strokes.

Spiegel recommends seeking physical therapy treatment if you suffer from aches and pains that are stopping you from doing what you enjoy.

“From shoulder pain that stops you from renewing your golf club membership to back pain preventing you from taking dance lessons, more people should be focusing on the root of their pain and work to address it to improve their overall function,” adds Spiegel. “It’s important to talk to a physician or physical therapist about your concerns so that you can get back to the activities that you enjoy most.”

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital’s dynamic physical therapy program is offered at many convenient outpatient locations throughout Philadelphia’s western suburbs.

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