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State Representative Tom Killion to visit Mirmont Treatment Center and tour newly expanded campus

Mirmont Treatment Center September 18, 2014 News Releases

WHEN: Thursday, September 18, 9:00–10:00 am, Media requested to cover Health Services Unit tour at 9:25 am

WHAT: State Representative Tom Killion, who represents the 168th Legislative District in Delaware and Chester Counties, will visit Mirmont Treatment Center to meet with hospital administrators, including hospital president Tom Cain, to discuss health care legislation, receive a brief update on Mirmont and tour the new Health Services Unit, part of the hospital’s expansion project.

WHY: Alcoholism and drug dependency have no boundaries. They affect individuals and families regardless of income, educational level, geographic location, nationality, race or religion. Approximately 23 million Americans struggle with addiction, yet fewer than 10 percent are receiving treatment. Most of all, young children suffer the greatest from the effects of the abuse of alcohol and drugs in the family.

This meeting serves as a way to introduce State Representative Killion to Mirmont and for him to learn about the day-to-day operations at the center, in addition to discussing prominent issues of importance to the Center and the effect those issues have on restoring hope and lives for those struggling with addiction.

WHO: State Representative Tom Killion, Tom Cain, president, Mirmont Treatment Center and other hospital clinicians, administrators and staff.

WHERE: Mirmont Treatment Center, 100 Yearsley Mill Road, Lima, PA 19063
(Press are asked to meet in the lobby where a PR representative will escort them to the Health Services Unit to film the tour.)

DETAILS: State Representative Killion will tour the new $3 million state-of-the-art Health Services Unit. Designed with comfort in mind, Mirmont’s new Health Services Unit provide the latest concepts in substance-abuse care including 30 semi-private patient rooms, a 900-square-foot Meditation Hall complete with vaulted ceilings that houses Mirmont’s mindfulness approach to treatment, a large patient lounge and expanded counselor offices and treatment space used for individual and group therapy sessions.

About Mirmont Treatment Center

Mirmont Treatment Center, part of Main Line Health, was founded in 1985 to provide inpatient and outpatient treatment for patients with drug and alcohol dependence. Mirmont is located on 33 acres in Lima, Delaware County, in a spacious facility that includes treatment areas for individual and group therapy, a fitness center, and 900-square-foot meditation hall. Treating adults age 18 and older, Mirmont’s staff—including physicians, nurses, master’s level therapists, and psychiatrists—provide medically monitored detoxification, inpatient and dual diagnosis rehabilitation, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programs. Mirmont’s nationally acclaimed Valor with Integrity Program for Emergency Responders (V.I.P.E.R.) provides addiction and trauma treatment for law enforcement/police, firefighters, EMTs and combat veterans. Mirmont utilizes a foundation in 12-step recovery and trauma informed treatment complemented by holistic therapies including mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), meditation, yoga, supervised exercise, and nutrition counseling.