Personalized, compassionate and collaborative care for orthopaedic joint and spine disorders

Our board-certified physicians specialize in orthopaedics, orthopaedic spine surgery, joint replacement surgery, and orthopaedic trauma. They specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of common and complex musculoskeletal disorders and injuries of the upper and lower extremities and spine (vertebrae, disks), including malformations, deformities, diseases, injuries, and complex fractures.

At Main Line Health Orthopaedics & Spine, we seek the least invasive treatment that will be most effective. In some cases, it is not surgery. When surgery is recommended, patients can be assured that we have taken rigorous steps to determine that this is the correct treatment choice and to identify the surgical option that is best.

Telemedicine services are available.

Seeing patients at Lakenau Medical Center and Newtown Square

Conditions and procedures

Dr. Rushton

  • Anterior cervical discectomy/fusion
  • Back pain
  • Cervical laminectomy
  • Degenerative spinal disease
  • Herniated disc / sciatica
  • Kyphosis
  • Lumbar laminectomy
  • Lumbar spinal fusion
  • Lumbar/cervical spondylosis
    with myelopathy
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Neck pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal cancer
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Sports-related spine surgery

Dr. Vegari

  • Advanced arthritis of knee or hip
  • Arthroscopy
  • End-stage joint disease
  • Inflammatory degenerative joint disease,
    hips and knees
  • Over-use injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Sprains, strains, fractures
  • Tendinopathies
  • Total and partial hip replacement surgery
  • Total and partial knee replacement surgery
  • Upper and lower extremity fractures

Dr. Shah

  • Advanced arthritis of knee or hip
  • Management of traumatic orthopaedic injuries
  • Patient-centered, team-based care for polytrauma injuries
  • Pelvic and acetabular fractures
  • Fracture-related complications - malunion, nonunion, osteomyelitis, and osteoarthritis
  • Simple and complex fractures of bones in upper and lower extremities
  • Reconstruction procedures to correct limb deformity or limb length discrepancy
  • Tendon repair - Achilles, patella, quadriceps, and triceps
  • Soft tissue injuries

Dr. Kester

  • Arthroscopy
  • Shoulder pain and injury
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Complex shoulder reconstruction and stabilization
  • Knee pain and injury
  • Meniscectomy and meniscus repair
  • Revision ACL reconstruction
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Cartilage preservation and restoration
  • Overuse injuries, arthritis and ligament injuries of the elbow
  • Sprains, strains, fractures
  • Upper and lower extremity fractures

Seeing patients at King of Prussia and Collegeville


  • Laminectomy (spinal stenosis surgery)
  • Cervical Spine Surgery
  • Complex Spinal Surgery
  • Lumbar Discectomy
  • Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion (LLIF) / Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF)
  • Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
  • Cervical Disc Replacement
  • Cervical Laminoplasty
  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
  • Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF)
  • Microdiscectomy

Insurance and referrals

We accept most insurance plans, including HMOs and PPOs. Please bring your insurance information and applicable co-payment. Note that most insurance plans are accepted.

If a referral is required by your insurance, please obtain all necessary referral forms from your primary care physician in advance of your visit.

Recent imaging test

If you have had x-rays, CT scans, or MRI scans done at a facility that is not part of Main Line Health, please bring an electronic copy of the tests (disk) with you.