Fellows in the Nephrology Fellowship Program at Lankenau Medical Center will attend the following conferences during the course of the fellowship:

  • Weekly clinical nephrology conference for fellows – This conference is one hour and covers subjects outlined in the special requirements for programs in nephrology in the chapter Essentials of Accredited Residency of the 2002–03 Directory of Graduate Medical Education Programs published by the ACGME.

In addition to these subjects, a Journal Club is held approximately once every six weeks and a clinical review is held approximately once a month. A basic science lecture in the field of molecular biology is also given by the staff of the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research. Lectures in uroradiology and invasive radiology as it pertains to the kidney (arteriography, etc.) are also given.

  • Outpatient dialysis patient review conference is held bi-weekly for the fellows and other members of the nursing staff in the dialysis unit. This is a multi-disciplinary conference in which dialysis patients and their problems are reviewed.
  • Inpatient dialysis patient review conference is held weekly for fellows, attending staff and residents or students on nephrology rotation. The review of the hospitalized includes review of diagnosis, treatment plans and social, as well as academic, issues related to these patients.
  • Renal house staff conference/lecture series is for medical residents dealing with nephrology subjects, but nephrology fellows are encouraged to attend.
  • The conferences at the University of Pennsylvania are to be attended during the transplantation rotation. These consist of basic science lectures, as well as conferences in clinical nephrology by outside speakers.
  • Intercity kidney rounds are held every six weeks in all the hospitals in the Philadelphia area.
  • Medical grand rounds are held every Friday morning at 8:00 am.
  • Departmental research meetings are held as needed to review data with the principal investigators and the Fellows.
  • Lankenau Institute for Medical Research conferences are held monthly with outside speakers. These deal with basic science and the molecular biological issues and fellows are encouraged to attend these, but they are not mandatory.

In addition, each fellow may attend seven work days of conferences each year. These are conferences of his or her choosing with the approval of the program director.