The curriculum for the Lankenau Medical Center Hematology/Medical Oncology Fellowship is designed to provide fellows with the opportunity to treat a wide range of patients and illnesses, as well as to pursue scientific and academic knowledge and achievement. By stressing teamwork and cooperation between multiple medical disciplines, the program provides fellows the skills to work in the modern health care environment.

Fellows will serve their clinical rotations in a number of settings, including Lankenau Medical Center, Lankenau Cancer Center and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and The Hemophilia Center at the Cardeza Foundation).

The program is designed to provide fellows the opportunity to:

  • Observe and manage patients with a wide variety of blood and neoplastic disorders.
  • Assume continuing responsibility for acutely and chronically ill patients to observe the evaluation of blood disease, the natural history of cancer, as well as benefits and adverse effects of therapy.
  • Participate in the multi-disciplinary treatment team and observe the role of other specialties in the total care of patients with Hematologic and/or neoplastic diseases.
  • Acquire experience in the ambulatory care setting with continuity experience of at least six months' duration throughout the fellowship program.
  • Build communication skills in order to thoroughly, professionally, sensitively and compassionately provide patients and their families with sometimes difficult health information.
  • Develop an understanding and competency in system-based health care, including delivery systems, providing both cost-effective and high-quality patient care and coordination with other health care professionals.